An Orange Cassidy Shirt is the star of the latest Pro Wrestling Crate

I recently got the latest Pro Wrestling Tees’ Crate — one of those box of the month things with various merch — and since these are weird mystery things, I thought I should share the contents of said box with y’all, so you get a sense of what’s inside them. This way, you have an idea of the amount of variety/risk you have if you ever decide to buy one.

 Henry T. Casey

Up front I should note that this box is the $29.95 “Regular Crate” version of the Staff Favorites 5 crate. That’s a pretty vague name for a box, so why did I order it? Especially when I hadn’t ordered one before?

PWTees promised exclusive Orange Cassidy merch, so I decided to roll the dice and see how my luck was.

I’d say this box is a 50/50 for me, with only one true dud.

A Chris Hero Micro Brawler

 Henry T. Casey
Here’s my (tiny) hero!

A perfect addition to my work from home office desk setup. The first item I pulled out of the box that I really dug.

“Rowdy Panther” shirt

 Henry T. Casey
This shirt is rowdy.

I got into wrestling after Piper got out, and I need to go back and watch his old stuff, but the shirt’s design didn’t hit with me, and honestly, the Hot Rod! logo is too tainted by Ronda Rousey using the typography for me these days.

Ultimate Warrior bandana

 Henry T. Casey
Thank you, next.

This has already been moved under the sink to be used as a rag. I was there at the Raw the night before that old bigot died, I need as little of him in my life as I can get.

Major Bros. comic book

 Henry T. Casey
This should be a fun read for my last two brain cells.

This thing might be at the perfect reading level for 2020.

Good Brothers lapel pin

 Henry T. Casey
Too Sweet me, Hootski

Neat, not great, but neat.

Juice Robinson autographed 8×10 photo

 Henry T. Casey
My 2nd favorite item in the box.

The second item in the Crate that I liked. Juice’s hair sure was a choice back then. Also, Cody has zero posterior.

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy t-shirt

 Henry T. Casey
The true gem of the box.

The PWT folks said this box would have an exclusive Orange Cassidy item, and this does not disappoint. I’ll be turning it into a tank top for my morning workouts this weekend. Love it.

If this sounds like an adventure worthy of some of your hard earned bucks, check out Pro Wrestling Crate’s Website here.

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