Carmella is the ‘mystery woman’ on SmackDown


For weeks now, WWE has been airing vignettes for a mysterious woman who was walking around in a nice dress, and writing about how untouchable she is in lipstick on a mirror. It was rumored Carmella was the mystery woman, and then WWE made it clear by revealing more and more of her look.

Finally, during this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, she revealed herself:

“Sometimes you need to take a good, hard look in the mirror to remember who you are. And I admit it, I forgot. I got a little lost along the way. But I know exactly who to blame: and that’s you, all of you. You wanted me to do things your way, play by your rules. You wanted me to dance around, have fun. Look where that got me — absolutely nowhere. But then I remembered: I’m Carmella. I’m better than each and every one of you. You know what I’m not, though? I’m not your princess anymore.”

Ready for this?

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