Liv Morgan speaks on her new documentary and the power of positive thinking

As previously reported, Liv Morgan has a new documentary that is available as of today on the WWE Network. Titled Liv Forever, the documentary encompasses a 16-month journey of Morgan in both a professional and personal manner. She spoke on The Bump about the process of filming it and how her co-workers were all really supportive about it.

“This documentary encapsulates everything that has happened to me in the last 16 months, and most of those questions will be answered in the documentary, which is cool. I just hope people take away that you’re not going to always be on top of the mountain. I just want them to know that sometimes, setbacks are okay.”

Specifically in the wrestling business, being at the top of the mountain is something most strive for. It is also a gauge that many fans use in order to define the talent, as jaded as that scale and reasoning may be.

She continues, “I’m so excited that my co-workers are happy for me because sometimes when you don’t get the spotlight, you feel so jaded. Everyone, though, has been so nice and encouraging. I have people come up to me and tell me how excited they are to watch this.”

As for the process of the filming, Morgan broke it down as follows:

“Well, it just happened so organically,” she stated. “I had just got drafted to SmackDown without The Riott Squad. And the crew, you know, Dustin and Max, they knew I was going to have some weeks to prepare for my debut, so they said, ‘Hey, do you mind if we document you before you make your comeback on TV?’ I was excited about the opportunity, but I just didn’t know how it was going to come out.

“So we started filming for one week, then two weeks, then three, and before you know it, it was 14 weeks. They just kept catching on camera all the professional and personal things that were going on in my life. So, there’s tons of footage. I didn’t think this would be the cultivation of everything.”

In the documentary, it includes her return at the end of 2019 and the role she played as Lana‘s love interest who crashed the storyline wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley. The vignettes leading up to her reemergence garnered a lot of attention from fans and Morgan knew this was a huge opportunity for her.

“I know that there are only so many times that you’re going to have an opportunity as I had. I remember they told me, ‘Hey, we’re going to fly you out in our private jet, and you’re going to film these vignettes.’ We rented a hotel room and it was all for me. This was the first time in this business that this was just something for me. I did not take it lightly; I knew they were giving me the ball and I couldn’t drop it. There was some pressure – good and bad – some that I created in my head. This was the biggest thing that I had ever come across.”

Morgan then opened up further speaking on what many struggle with and that is self-esteem and the ability to think positive. Something she says it has taken her years to get a handle on.

“I think I learned, personally – and it was something that I knew – but it’s to have good and healthy self-talk,” she answered. “Not all of our thoughts can be positive, but I believe when you give in to those thoughts, you manifest in them. I was constantly battling myself by trying to be confident and having high self-esteem, but mentally, I was feeling the opposite. But I know that if I think negative and speak negative, I’ll end up with a negative result. Your mind is just too powerful. Even if I have to fake it, I have to remind myself to be nice to myself.”

Have you watched the Liv Morgan documentary yet? If so what did you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Credit for transcriptions to Wrestling Inc.

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