AEW Rewind: Young Bucks drama, FTR explains reasons for cheating, more!

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Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

Being the Elite was back with more story advancement for the Young Bucks’ rude attitude. It seems BTE is trying to soften the Bucks’ as more sympathetic, but it is still missing a reason for fans to get behind their superkick antics.

“Critical Failure” – Being The Elite, Ep. 226 featured:

  • Last week, Tony Khan texted the Young Bucks about the fines they owe. Matt Jackson was out of money, and asked Nick Jackson for a loan. Matt also asked Nick to keep an eye on the clock, so they could be ringside for Brandon Cutler’s match against Peter Avalon on Dark. It turned out that Cutler’s match was moved up last minute. The Bucks didn’t know and missed being there.
  • Fast forward to this week. Cutler was angry that the Bucks didn’t show. They explained their schedule, but Cutler wasn’t interested in excuses. Cutler sided with Hangman being right about the Bucks’ selfishness. Matt acted out and started treating Cutler like a worthless prop. Nick thought Matt went too hard, and Matt agreed.
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver ran into Kris Statlander on crutches. After their insults, she hit Reynolds in the balls.
  • Matt Hardy’s kids asked the Bucks for an autograph. They ripped it up after Maxel said they would be jobbing for him in ten years. The tots tattled to Papa Hardy. Hardy was complimentary about the Bucks’ tweener character work.
  • Matt Hardy beat Luchasaurus in the golf gator BTE Championship tournament.
  • Christopher Daniels was worried about the pressure getting to the Bucks. He is here for them if they ever need to talk.
  • Cutler chatted with Kenny Omega about the #1 contender tournament. We’ll see a new attitude from Omega.
  • The Dark Order had more miscellaneous comedic shenanigans.
  • Fuego del Sol beat Sammy Guevara in gator golf. Since Fuego is not part of the roster, that means the Bucks have to book him with AEW again just so he can be present next week to continue the gator golf tournament.
  • Cutler and Peter Avalon were double disqualified from gator golf for interfering with the balls. As replacements, Colt Cabana (in the form of Michael Nakazawa) defeated Matt Sydal.
  • Sammy Guevara was not on the list for Private Party’s party. Reynolds and Silver were also denied. Frankie Kazarian was not on the list either and cracked a “Do ya!?!” joke.
  • Cutler and Avalon had a press conference for a Dark match that will have a winner. It wasn’t mentioned what type of match it would be.

This Young Bucks saga is starting for feel like a sitcom with story plots of simple misunderstandings that could easily be remedied in real life. Cutler should cut them some slack, since his match was moved up without advance notice. The Bucks’ reaction only made things worse for their friendship. It’s all portraying the Elite and its sidepieces as immature chumps.

I did like how Cutler and Avalon were thrown out of the gator golf tournament. It keeps their winless steaks alive. The build should come to its conclusion when they have their next match. I have no clue who will win. Thumbs up for the mystery.

As it pertains to Dynamite, Omega should display character advancement with a meaner attitude against Joey Janela in the #1 contender tournament. The big question is if it will be full Cleaner mode or just a step toward that demeanor.

On the AEW Unrestricted podcast, FTR discussed their approach to being heels. Their goal is to get fans to root for babyfaces to beat them. That explains their persistent cheating.

That’s an interesting little clip with inside talk. The issue so far is that no tag team has been built up yet as their babyface counterparts. Most assume FTR will wrestle the Young Bucks at the Full Gear PPV on November 7. The Bucks have crossed the line too often by superkicking innocent people, and there isn’t enough time to rebuild their image before the PPV. Does that mean FTR will cheat to retain, and the Bucks will work hard to get back in the fans’ good graces before eventual success down the line? That’s not a bad story, but it does put the division on hold for too long waiting for it to get sorted out.

Speaking of the Bucks, they will be ready for tonight’s #1 contender tag team four-way even if they are using sarcasm to add uncertainty about winning.

John Silver likes that suggestion and has his own list of accomplishments as well.

Darby Allin teased a stunt with Steve-O on Dynamite to hype his TNT Championship match at Full Gear.

When Cody Rhodes says he’s doing the work, he means it. Cody has put on serious size throughout his career.

I’m going to assume camera perspective tricks are in play on the right side, since Cody’s arm looks gigantic and the other person’s arm looks like a twig. If Cody does eventually bulk up to hoss size, then give us a match against Brian Cage, please.

On The Rich Eisen Show, Cody was asked to pick his Survivor Series team if they had to save the world from aliens. Cody chose himself, Mr. Brodie Lee, Dustin Rhodes, Miro, and Rey Mysterio. Who would you pick?

We’ll close with a very important question that I never considered for Le Dinner Debonair.

Intrigue! Neither Chris Jericho nor MJF will want to part with their cash at the steak dinner. It should be a hoot seeing how that gets resolved. Who do you think will get stuck with the bill?

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