Reigns makes clear what’s on the line for the Usos at Hell in a Cell

Roman Reigns’ Twitter

Roman Reigns has been telling all of us his second Universal title match with his cousin Jey Uso would have the highest stakes in WWE history. We already knew it would take place in Hell in a Cell, and be the first ever “I Quit” match to take place in the hellacious structure.

Then last night on SmackDown – the go home show for Sun., Oct. 25’s Hell in a Cell PPV – he laid out exactly what’s on the line for not only Jey, but his entire family.

“When I make you quit – and I will make you quit – you will fall in line, you will take orders, you will acknowledge me, you will respect me for who I am in the WWE and all that I do for our family.

“If you just can’t? Then you’re out. And not just you. You brought your brother with you – he’s out too. Your wives, your children, your children’s children are all out of the family. We will all turn our backs on you.

“Those are your consequences.”

That’s cold (I keep thinking of Jey’s oldest son, the one who calls Roman “Uncle Ooh-Ahh”… him too, Uce? Damn). It’s also awesome.

And, it would seem to pave the road to a Bloodline stable, with Jey & Jimmy backing Reigns’ power plays. Will they reluctantly back their Tribal Chief, or buy in? Or will they tell him to stick it and end up…


Or maybe, just maybe, Jey will win?

Join us tomorrow night and we’ll find out together.

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