About us

The Champ. 

My name is ‘The Champ’ from Birth. My mum took one look and said “Yeah, one day he’ll… be writing about wrestling.” In all honesty Big Dave has me in his phone as ‘The Champ’ and I have him as ‘Big Dave.’ Quite a simple formula, and yet aren’t all great tag teams. He knows I’m the Shaun Michaels of the group though. He knows.

I Love Wrestling. So, in order to get to know me a little, I will will give you my top 5 Current loves. (As of May 2017.)

  1. Interviews (Esp Shoot interviews)
  2. Wrestlezone Radio / Wrestle talk / Colt Cabana’s Podcast
  3. Jinder Mahal (No Carbs)
  4. ICW
  5. Broken Hardy’s / Finn Balor

However, I have so many dislikes in wrestling its hard to take them all in. My rants are ‘to the point’ and normally end up with how frustrated I am about WWE Creative. They are so far off the pulse at time it’s untrue. All I’ll say is ‘Roman Reigns….’ When that music hits, I pull a face that can only be described as a stroke that is nodding off to sleep in a bin.

Any way, you’ll see more of me in the weekly posts and podcasts. Hopefully they’ll be hilarious.

– The Champ

Big Dave.

Yes I’m “Big” and yes my name is Dave… Hence the name Big Dave! I have been a wrestling super fan since I first watched a WWF wrestling show on TV back in the early 90s! It was Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage in a random match, on a randomly named WWF TV show, on a late Saturday night and I saw that Oh so famous big boot and leg drop being delivered by the Hulkster, followed by the 1…2…3 and that was it! I was hooked!

Since then I have seen it ALL when it comes to wrestling, the rise of fall of companies, the making of legends and the unfortunate deaths… I like to think of myself as a Veteran wrestling fan and now I am here to share my veteran opinions, thoughts and swear words with you all! So look out!!

My Top 5 “Loves” as The Champ calls it:

  1. Wrestling Documentaries
  2. Live Indy Wrestling (i.e ICW)
  3. WWE Smackdown
  4. AJ Styles
  5. Jericho

The above 5 will most probably change over time… But it’s about right for now!

– Big Dave