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Becky the B***h! KO to become a Paul Heyman Guy?!

Kevin Owens’ “time off” On RAW this past week, we saw an outstanding match up between KO and Seth Rollins in an open challenge that KO answered from Seth. The match up was PPV quality and could be a contender for match of the year it was that good! KO did his best to topple Rollins and leave Toronto with...

The Shield are back! But what happens now?

The Hounds of Justice are back!! After the events of RAW, in the main event we saw Finn Balor and Roman Reigns go at it for he WWE Universal Championship. And it was a pretty good match up until Braun Strowman turned up wanting to cash in! With the appearance of Braun, Reigns proceeded to best Balor after a devastating...

NXT is better than RAW/Smackdown, here’s why!

So… why? In recent years WWE launched NXT, a new development brand that aimed to bring in the WWE Superstars of the future. And it’s certainly has done just that! With Triple H leading the yellow brand, it’s no surprise that things are booked differently to the WWE’s flag ship shows RAW and Smackdown. So much so, that NXT PPV’s...

Big changes to TLC and a HUGE return!

WWE are forced to make some big changes to TLC After an unfortunate turn of events in the WWE universe, the WWE have had to make some major changes to the TLC PPV and one of which is will see a HUGE Legend of a Superstar make a return!