All Japan Rumble Wins!

It was an All Japan Rumble night!

The 2018 WWE Royal Rumble was a very good PPV event with plenty of surprises! And the winners of both Rumble matches were from Japan with Nakamura and Asuka picking up the wins!

Dream match up incoming!

After the men’s rumble, Nakamura was interviewed and asked which Champion he wanted to face at Mania. And his choice? AJ Styles of course!!

Fans have been wanting AJ vs Nakamura for some time now, not only on Smackdown Live but on the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania! And with Nakamura’s Rumble win, fans are going to be able to witness a fantastic spectacle for the WWE Championship! This will be one for the history books!

Undefeated Princess

Asuka still hasn’t been beaten since she debuted in the WWE under NXT. And he undefeated streak has continued to the main roster on RAW, with the Rumble win under her belt as well, she could very well make history and become the first ever undefeated WWE Woman’s Champion at Wrestlemania!

Rhonda Debut

Right at the end of the PPV Rhonda Rousey showed up to crash the winners party. She made her way to ringside, with the fans going crazy, she pointed at the Wrestlemania sign and made jester to wanting to fight whoever Asuka doesn’t choose for Mania.

With Rhonda now in the WWE, what will she do over the coming months leading to Mania? The next few months should be very interesting, that’s for sure!!




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