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Hey all… very sorry for those of you regularly check out our site but a lot has happened in the personal lives of the website owners within the last few months.

But… things will be back to normal as of tomorrow!!

And yes we know there’s been A LOT of things happening in the WWE and the world of wrestling in general as of late…. but rest assured, the site updates will continue as of tomorrow!

In fact there may be a need for several updates in one go tomorrow due to what has been happening!

Thanks for all the support peeps! And stay tuned!!

Over 300 Followers and Counting!



Twitter is where it is at these days! Facebook is good… but Twitter is where all the action happens! We’ve just hit over 300 followers and counting! Hopefully some time very soon, we’ll hit over a 1000! But for now it’s a small milestone! So #ThankYou everyone! Check out our Twitter below:

Wrestlemania 34 is this Sunday!

Wrestlemania 34

Who’s ready for Wrestlemania!?

It’s Wrestlemania week! And the big wrestling event of the year is this Sunday, April 8th 2018!

Are you watching it? Of course you are!! Check back after Mania for our Wrestlemania Review! And maybe even a podcast… we’ll see!

Enjoy your Wrestlemania week! And don’t forget about the Hall of Fame and NXT: Takeover this weekend!

Taker vs Cena at Wrestlemania is on!

Taker vs Cena

Wrestlemania Bound!

So with Taker vs Cena all but confirmed but WWE for #Wrestlemania. Do you think we’ll see American Badass Taker? Or the Normal Deadman? #CenavsTaker #Cena #Undertaker #WWE #AmericanBadass #FTW #Worldwide

Daniel Bryan makes his Return!!

Bryan Return

Bryan address the WWE Universe!

Bryan opened Smackdown Live and told the WWE Universe, in a heart-felt speech that he has officially been cleared and is ready to return to in-ring action!!

This is the news that wrestling fans around the world have been waiting for! For Daniel Bryan to be able to return to the ring after 2 long years is not only a dream come true for him but for the entire wrestling universe as a whole!!


They are the Bar!

the bar

Tribute to the Bar!

Over the past year or so we have seen Sheamus and Cesaro evolve into one of the most dominant tag teams on Monday Night RAW!

Since becoming a team, after competing against each other, they have become 5 time RAW Tag Team Champions! That’s 5 times they have kicked another teams ass to win the RAW Tag Titles!

So here’s a small tribute graphic to “The Bar” and for being one of the best RAW Tag Team Champions!!

New Intercontinental Champion Crowned!

intercontinental reigns

The Big Dog win’s the IC Championship on RAW

On RAW, we had a New Intercontinental Champion crowned when the “BIG DOG” Roman Reigns beat the Miz in the main event!

Miz’s long reign as IC Champ came to a crushing end last night after an eventful match ended with a HUGE spear from Reigns, pinning Miz for the 3 count and becoming the new IC Champion!

This is the first time that Reigns has held the IC title in his career so it will be interesting to see how long he holds onto the title going forward!

Well done Roman Reigns!

Your New NXT Woman’s Champion!


I was watching War Games earlier and it was an amazing PPV but I think Ember Moon should really get some massive credit for winning her first NXT Woman’s Title!

Out of the 4 woman that entered the fatal four way match up for the NXT Woman’s Championship, my bet was on Ember Moon to win!

She came so close to winning a few months ago before getting a shoulder injury that set her back several months as regarding a title shot.

But she’s returned strong and has now won the top title for any Woman wrestler in NXT! So well done Ember Moon! I’m sure her title reign shall be long and very exciting in the coming months! Peace!

Survivor Series and War Games incoming!

Survivor Series

Big Weekend for WWE and PPV’s!

This weekend will see the return of the War Games match, after over 20+ years ago! As NXT Takeover: War Games happens this Saturday Night!!

Then on Sunday, it’s Red vs Blue as Kurt Angle and his RAW team take on Shane McMahon and his Smackdown Team at WWE Survivor Series 2017!!

There will also be a good few Champion vs Champion matches such as AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar, Baron Corbin vs The Miz and The Uso’s vs “The Bar”!!

We hope you tune in Live or at least watch them both when you can! Have a great weekend folks!

Smackdown #Undersiege!


With days to go before Survivor Series, RAW retaliates!

With only 5 days to go until RAW and Smackdown collide at Survivor Series, Kurt Angle, The Shield and Team RAW invade Smackdown Live and leave Shane McMahon in a beaten mess!

Charlotte Flair also managed to beat Nattie for the WWE Smackdown Woman’s title! So now it’s going to be Charlotte vs Bliss at Survivor Series!

What will happen on Sunday?! Who will win?! Tune into Survivor Series LIVE!!

Wrestling Worldwide Youtube Channel!

We now have a Youtube Channel!

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