Zayn vs Owens 2 incoming?

Is WWE setting us up for Zayn vs Owens 2?

After what happened on this weeks Smackdown Live, it seems that the WWE are looking to break up the pairing of Zayn and Owens already by having them fight each other on Smackdown Live, next week!

Where are they going with this?

So, yeah where exactly are they going with this storyline? Are we seeing the build to a Zayn vs Owens 2, that will come to a head at Wrestlemania?

Or are we just seeing a disagreement between the two friends that will some how work itself out? After all, Owens and Jericho’s friendship lasted for the best part of 2017, with it all coming to a “smashing” end.

Is this a good thing?

Well we all saw the NXT feud between these two guys and it was a feud that propelled Owens to becoming NXT Champion and then going on to eventually win the WWE Universal title after moving up to the main roster.

While Zayn didn’t see the success Owens had after moving up to the main roster, maybe this is WWE’s way of giving Zayn a chance at becoming a legitimate WWE title picture contender.

All I know is that if we do see Zayn vs Owens 2 and it’s the same as their NXT feud was but obviously, slightly different storyline. We are in for one hell of a ride! With them having the ultimate showdown at the showcase of the immortals!

Watch this space people….


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