Smackdown Live Results – 20/06/17

Smackdown Live – 20/06/17

This weeks Smackdown’s main focus was the woman’s MITB ladder match, after what happened with Ellsworth and Carmella at the PPV this past Sunday. Daniel Bryan is back to sort things out!


We open Smackdown to a few of the female wrestlers backstage, talking, before Bryan appears and says he’s going to sort this mess out tonight.

Then we go to the ring where Carmella and Ellsworth have come down. Carmela cuts a pretty good promo regarding her win at MITB and that she deserved it etc. We then go backstage to Bryan getting told by Charlotte how he needs to fix this tonight!! Bryan is clearly under pressure!

It’s a New Day!

New Day come to the ring to take on the Uso’s in a singles match. Big E vs Jimmy Uso. The match is fairly quick, good back and forth but when the Uso’s try to leave again like they did at MITB. Kofi takes outs Jay and Woods makes sure Jimmy gets back into the ring. Big E then reverses a super kick to finish off Jimmy with the Big Ending for the 3 count!

More pressure for Bryan

Backstage, Bryan is on the phone when he gets interrupted by Natalya and Snuka. They kick off just as Charlotte did about how he needs to fix things tonight.

Ziggler vs Nakamura

After a quick Orton/Mahal promo video, we go straight into the Ziggler vs Nakamura match. This match is very intense, big moves, brilliant wrestling! But it is Nakamura who manages to pick up the win after hitting a HUGE knee to the face of Ziggler and pinning him for the 3 count.

Becky’s go…

Another backstage segment with Bryan and a female wrestler, this time it’s Becky. She speaks her mind to Bryan and again Bryan says he’s trying to sort things out and will fix things by the end of the night.

KO – Open Challenge

KO comes to the ring to do his open challenge for the US title. AJ Styles interrupts him to say that he should face him for title, not some local wrestler from Ohio. They trash talk a bit before American Alpha’s Chad Gable comes out and accepts the challenge, saying that he’s just moved the Ohio!

KO vs Gable US Title. Not a bad match at all, fairly short, KO looked to be in trouble in parts! Gable looked like he could pull it off. But then KO comes back and hits Gable with flip up power bomb, then gets the pin.


There is a quick backstage promo between Bryan and the Hype Bro’s. The hype bro’s get a chance next week to become No.1 contenders for the tag titles, if they can beat the Uso’s.

Zayn and the Perfect 10, Dillinger then have a quick promo involving milkshakes? It was clearly to promote “Sonic” shakes or something. Meh.

Sorting things out!

Bryan and all the female wrestlers to the ring to discuss the big issue from MITB. He basically strips Carmella of the briefcase and announces that next week, there is going to be a rematch of the Woman’s Ladder match from MITB!

Bryan walks off with the briefcase and things quickly break down in the ring. With Carmella getting double teamed by Becky and Charlotte!

Mahal vs Luke Harper

Non-title match. Pretty good match, Luke Harper is always impressive to watch to be fair! The match has some big moves but Corbin, the MITB winner, comes out and distracts Mahal. He seems to be playing some mind games with the WWE Champion. Mahal manages to save his match though and pins Harper.

His victory is short lived when Orton comes out! He goes straight through the Singh brothers and goes after Mahal! He assaults Mahal, throwing him all over the place. He ends up hitting his big DDT on the outside from the barricade. He then throws Mahal back into the ring.

The Singh brothers come to the aid of Mahal once more but then both get and RKO for their troubles. Mahal manages to escape into the crowd.

Final thoughts

Not a bad Smackdown at all. Good wrestling, good promos and I am glad they are doing another big ladder match next week. Something big to look forward too! Mahal has obviously made things personal with Orton now, after going after his dad at MITB. So will be interesting to see where they go with this. Peace out, Big D!

Big Dave Sig