It was only a matter of time…

With the announcement this week by Stephanie McMahon on RAW that there will be a Woman’s ONLY PPV called WWE Evolution, in October of this year, there has been a big buzz all over social media about what this means for the woman of wrestling and indeed woman everywhere!

Long time coming!

It really was no surprise when Stephanie McMahon came out with this big news about a woman’s only PPV. We all knew it was coming and it has been a VERY long time coming!

To be fair to the entire woman’s roster, over the past few years things really have changed in the woman’s division and fans world over have definitely changed their opinions how they see woman in wrestling.

Well Deserved!

With WWE Evolution already set to make history and to include woman wrestlers from past and present, it will be an honor to watch the PPV unfold and become such a massive part of wrestling history, which of course is very well deserved off ALL the woman wrestlers today and from the past.

What’s next?

Well everyone is thinking the same thing… Wrestlemania MAIN EVENT. It’s going to happen one way of the other… so embrace it! And let the woman stand on the grandest stage of them all together with the men… there already on another level compared to some of the male wrestlers now! #justsaying


Wrestling Super Fan!