Who will win?!

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Careers vs Pride

With the careers of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on the line at Night of Champions, who will win?!


Kevin Owens and Zami Zayn have had some pretty good years in the WWE since arriving on the main roster. They both had excellent times in NXT, with both men becoming NXT Champion before leaving the brand for the main stage of RAW and Smackdown.

But will they lose? I don’t think so… or if they do it is because there both going back to the RAW brand. WWE like to do this with superstars to make storylines more exciting and meaningful. The build up for this match has been good so far and is really heating up as a big main event style match up. Especially with Shane McMahon now calling the shots as the Special Guest Referee!


Orton and Nakamura have been getting along as of late and having them tag together against KO and Zayn is a fantastic idea but… I think KO and Zayn will win and then BAM! RKO out of nowhere on a distracted Nakamura! As we’d all expect from Orton. But I really can’t see them winning, unless they have plans to send both men over to the RAW brand.

Final thoughts

I think having Shane involved as well will lead to some exciting scenes on the night of the PPV and I can’t help but think that maybe Daniel Bryan may have something to do with the overall result? But we shall see! Let the Night of Champions commence!!


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