The Landscape of the WWE is changing…

And it’s a good thing!!

After the events of the weekend at WWE Hell in a Cell and then what happened on RAW, the landscape of the WWE is definitely beginning to change! Read on to find out how!

So, how is it changing?

First off, WWE Hell in a Cell was, by all counts, a fantastic PPV. The opening tag team bout between the Uso’s and the New Day was off the chain and that was the first match! They definitely went down in the history books for having one the best tag team matches inside Hell in a Cell, EVER.

But the major thing that happened was during the main event. KO and Shane destroyed each in the name of revenge and proving a point. Both men went all out and just as we all thought Shane was going to finish KO off once and for all, Sami Zayn saved the day.

Yes, you read that right, Sami “Freaking” Zayn. Now obviously after Smackdown this Tuesday gone, we now know the reason o reasons behind Zayn helping out his “brother”. But how is this going to effect things on Smackdown Live? Well…

Now that Zayn and KO are on the same page, they can start to take over the blue brand. I can honestly say, that these two coming together as a team, is the best thing that has happened on Smackdown in a long time! I can see both of them conquering Smackdown and holding titles!

Change is coming on Smackdown and I am very excited to see how Zayn and KO take over!!

The Shield is back!

On the RAW after Hell in a Cell, we saw the long awaited reuniting of one of the most dominant factions of all time, THE SHIELD.

There was no messing on RAW, Reigns came out and confronted a moaning Miz. Miz was shouting about how The Shield getting back together was just rumours but when Reigns came out, he simply said the words “Rumors? Who said anything about Rumors?”.

Then Dean Ambrose’s music hits and the place goes nuts! Then Rollins comes out and all three men head to the ring. After dismantling the Miz, Cesaro, Shamus and Axel, all three men did the classic Shield fists together pose and that confirmed it! The Shield are back!

And they didn’t end there! The Shield wanted to make a big statement and later in the night, they took out the Monster Amoung Men with Triple Powerbomb through the announcer table! Amazing!

With the Shield back together, things are definitely going to start changing again on RAW. When the Shield was around the first time, they defeated a number of top WWE superstars including John Cena, CM Punk, Kane and many more! And they captured the tag team titles and US title while dominating as well.

So it will be very interesting to see how the Shield impacts everyone on RAW during the coming months. And how Kurt Angle will handle them. Only one thing left to say… #believeintheshield