Showcase of the Immortals…

Will we see Cena vs Taker?

This week on RAW Cena came to the ring and cut a promo about how he’s failed everyone and how he is going to go to Smackdown to challenge someone, so he can get into the Fastlane’s Main Event versus the rest of the now 6 man fatal way match.

Cena delivered on Smackdown, in a fantastic main event match up versus AJ Styles, Cena pinned the WWE Champ with a clean victory to earn his spot in the main event at Fastlane!

But… going back to RAW. Cena mentioned during his promo that he should challenge the Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania as he had “no path to mania” unless he wins on Smackdown. Which of course he did but that doesn’t dispute the fact that he has mentioned himself vs Taker at the biggest event in the wrestling world.

And being in the main event at Fastlane doesn’t mean anything really… unless Cena wins. Which then would make him a 17 time WWE Champion and make history! Again… but… if he doesn’t win… and AJ prevails… where does that leave Cena?

Well that doesn’t leave him with anything… expect a possible match vs the Undertaker! There has been speculation that Taker has been in training again since his hip surgery for a possible in ring return… but will it be in time for Mania?

Cena vs Taker… that’s got to be the retirement match of the Century!


Wrestling Super Fan!