RAW Review/Results – 05/06/17

RAW – Extreme Rules aftermath

The RAW after Extreme Rules was an interesting one to say the least. After a pretty decent PPV in Extreme Rules the night before, this RAW was the start of new story-lines, new feuds and the aftermath stemming from Extreme Rules.

Going straight into it…

After a Fatal 5 Way promo video, we start RAW with Bray vs Reigns. Before the match begins however, Wyatt does one of his weird but intriguing promos. Talking in that cryptic way he does, he makes reference to what happened the night before. But before he can finish, Reigns interrupts. The boo’s the “Big Dawg” gets is unreal. At this point in time, Reigns is basically Cena 2. He gets booed out the building but WWE are still going to ram him down our throats, so we might as well accept our fate!

We get a “this is my yard” and a punch from Reigns to begin the match. The match goes the typical way, both men are back and forth. Some good power moves, usual moves from Wyatt and Reigns. The match is just an extension of last nights Fatal 5 Way but it’s not a bad match at all. The ending of the match see’s both men barely making a 10 count back into the ring. But a counter superman punch and huge spear from Reigns gets him the win. It’s still his yard… for now.


We come back from a break to “How you doing?”. A promo with Enzo and Big Cass back stage. They talk about Enzo being attached again from the last few weeks on RAW. Enzo flirted with the interviewer and Cass said how he’s got Enzo’s back. Standard promo.

Bliss burn!

After a promo video about how Bliss beat Bayley. We go to a backstage segment with Bliss and GM Kurt Angle. After Bliss says she wants to do a “This is your life” prom for herself, Angle completely cuts her down by saying NO CHANCE. And says that last weeks segment was the worst segment in RAW history! BURN! They clearly listen and read what people say about the promos on social media. Last weeks segment with Bliss was proclaimed the worst one ever by the online wrestling community last week.

Angle then proceeds to tell Bliss she’s putting her title on the line against Nia Jax tonight on RAW, leaving Bliss to walk off in shock.

New Jeff Jarrett?

We cut to that Samson guy with the guitar in the ring again. He starts singing like he does before Ambrose interrupts and storms down to the ring. He takes out Samson, chucks him out of the ring and into the crowd. Ambrose then goes on the mic to shout for the Miz. Miz responds on the big screen leaving Ambrose to get a return takedown from Samson, leaving Ambrose hurting in the ring.

Cool down

We come back from a break to Ambrose backstage and Angle making him take the night off and to leave the building. So he can cool down and gather his thoughts.

The New No.1 Contender!

Samoan Joe comes to the ring and gets on the mic. Basically boasts about he is not afraid of Lesnar and how he wants what Lesnar has and that he’s going to take it from him. He even wants Paul Heyman! And obviously, the Universal title.


Guess who interrupts? Heyman comes down to the ring and starts running his mouth like the genius way he does. I am and always will be bias towards Heyman. He is amazing,  he gave us ECW and is a genius. A GOD. But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, Heyman talks trash in a way only he does. “I’m just an advocate…” who gets into opponents heads on purpose! Well this time, it back fired. Instead of just making Joe pissed off, Joe took it one step further and CHOKED OUT Heyman! After Joe had heard enough, he calming tells Heyman he’s going to choke him out and then BAM! Lays the choke on Heyman and completely chokes him out in the middle of the ring. With the crowd chanting “We want Brock!” Joe grabs the mic and shouts, “SO DO I!”. Then he exits the ring and leaves while medics attend to Heyman.

Pretty good segment. Was different to see Heyman actually get hurt for once. As most of the time he just talks trash and leaves but not tonight!

Angry GM

We skip to Angle and Joe having a confrontation backstage. Joe gets in the face of Angle with Rollins then stepping in and gets in Joe’s face. Angle then makes Joe vs Rollins, one on one!


Next up, we have a tag match with the new tag champs Cesaro and Sheamus vs Slater and Rhyno. Was good to Slater and Rhyno finally have a match on RAW. Although they got pretty much buried by the new champs, it was nice to see them competing since moving to RAW. A quick squash match really, just to make the new champs look strong!

It lead to a promo by Cesaro and Sheamus. They basically boast about beating the Hardy Boyz and how awesome they are as the NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. I like it, I like them. Hardy’s were fun but these too deserve to be champs right now!

King Nev

After the promo we go backstage to a segment with TJP and King Neville. TJ basically kicks off and tells Nev that he wants his title shot against him, just as Neville promised.

Crusierweight Match

Ali vs TJP. Standard cruiserweight match. Not bad, fairly exciting. TJP won, easy win to be fair. King Nev then comes out and tells TJP that there’s an issue with the title match. Then he attacks TJP… like we didn’t see what coming, ay? Then it ends with Nev shouting TJP will have his title match on 205 Live. So it’s on!

Gooooolllllllddddust Promo

We go to a promo video from Goldust. Another freaky video from the Gold one about R-Truth. I liked it, heel Goldust is aweomse! The GOLDEN AGE IS BACK!

Backstage Diva Promo

Diva? Or just female wrestlers now? You decide. Bliss tries to get the other Diva’s on her side for tonight’s title match and it obviously doesn’t work.


We go to the announcers as we do several times in the shows. But then Angle interrupts and asks Cory to look at his phone with him? Not sure where this is going at this point but it’s obviously leading to something.

More randomness

Kalisto comes out to wrestle. We then cut to a break and come back to Angle backstage and an interviewer asking him about what he talked to Cory about. Angle doesn’t say much then leaves through an exit door and Dean Ambrose sneaks back in!

Titus vs Kalisto

Average match. Quick fill match that saw Kalisto get mangled by Titus only have Kalisto come back and steal the win with a roll up pin and a tights pull!

Titus leaves in shock! The “Titus Brand” takes another knock…

Cass taken out?!

We go straight backstage to see the Miz and Maryse walking to the ring but then seeing a mangled Cass under a pile of backstage objects. Cass wakes up when Enzo appeared to give Enzo a big gold chain. What does this mean??

Enzo has to find himself a new tag team partner for his tag match now as Cass is out of it.

Miz Celebration

Miz has a celebration for his 7th IC title win, courtesy of his charming wife. It’s all look at me, I’m the Miz and I’m Awesome. But there’s a bear? There’s a guy in a bear suit in the ring with a sign but neither Miz or Maryse didn’t hire a bear. So Miz beats him down expecting it to be Ambrose. But it’s not, its a random. Then a BIG box present that gets brought the ring and Miz thinks it’s Ambrose in a box but it’s not, it’s a big grandfather clock present from his wife! HAHA! Maryse storms off after Miz smashes the box up thinking it’s Ambrose and leave Miz kicking off in the ring.

So where’s Ambrose? Well… he’s the CAMERA MAN! Genius! Master of disguise! DIRTY DEADS! Ambrose gets the last laugh!

New Partner?

Now we have the tag match with Enzo and somone vs Anderson and Gallows. Enzo says he’s not just a G he’s 4G and he’s called in a favour. BIG SHOW! Match ends up being not to bad! With Big Show and Enzo picking up the win! BADA BOOM! BIGGEST SHOW IN THE ROOM! Their in ring promo together was actually pretty funny as well! Show did an awesome “SAWFT!” impression! Entertaining match! And good laugh!

Cass has a problem!

After a Woman’s title promo video. We go to a quick backstage segment with Cass getting a little fired up against Show backstage. Nothing major, I think they just wanted to show Cass annoyed with what happened.


R-Truth then does a promo video in retaliation to Goldust. Meh… didn’t think much of it. He’s no Goldust.

Woman’s Title match!

Next up, Nia Jax vs Bliss, RAW Woman’s title on the line! Quite a short match as after Mickey James and Brook comes down to the ring to watch, Bliss gets herself disqualified by making look like the other two female wrestlers attack her. Jax then loses it and takes out all 3 woman! Leaving her looking the strongest.

Unleash the beast!

We go backstage to an injured Heyman taking a phone call from Lesnar. It’s a short call that ends with Heyman saying “It’s time to unleash the beast!” And then Michael Cole announces Lesnar returns to RAW next week!

Joe vs Rollins

Technically another aftermath match from Extreme Rules. Very good match from these two superior wrestlers. Some good spots! Big action! It all ends with Joe looking very strong, making Rollins lose via pass out. Just like Balor did last night at Extreme Rules!


Final thoughts

Not a bad RAW at all! PPV aftermath. A lot of action, some fun mixed in as well. They’ve began to build Joe up well! Next week, LESNAR! Until then, peace out!

Big Dave Sig

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