Is Braun Strowman ready to be Champ?

Is Braun Strowman ready to be Universal Champion?

Over the past few months, Braun Strowman has made a name for himself as the “Monster Among Men” and destroyed a lot of superstars on his way to the top. But is he really ready to be Champion?

Has he done enough?

Myself and The Champ mentioned this on the last podcast we did. The Champ thinks Strowman needs to do more before becoming the top champion in the WWE.

I on the other hand do think he’s done more than enough. After all the bouts he has had over the past year and how he’s made some historic moments both in and outside the ring. I think he is more than ready to win his first Universal Championship.

Have they built him up enough?

So have WWE done a good job of building Strowman up as the next giant of the WWE. Simple answer, yes they have.

They did start to fall short a little bit a few months back but since then Strowman’s momentum has just continued to grow and grow. Some of the things he’s done to break WWE superstars is absolutely ridiculous!

Like throwing Reigns off a loading bay while he was strapped to a stretcher or putting the current champ Lesnar through two announcer tables and then chucking the third one on top of him. Everything Strowman has been doing has made him one true monster to be scared of!

Would he make for a good Champion?

If Strowman beats Lesnar at WWE No Mercy and becomes Universal Champion, the reign of the Monster will begin! And what a reign it will be! Think of dominating Strowman is… he threw Big Show through a Steel Cage!!? Can you imagine him as Universal Champ?! No one will be able to beat him… at least not for a while! To be honest, once he becomes Champ, I’d say the only way he’ll lose it is in some kind of Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way match as there is clearly no one who can beat him one on one at the moment.

Final thoughts

Will Strowman become Champion? At the moment I’d say it’s anyone’s guess but I am pretty confident that if he does win, he will make one hell of a Champion! And I think Lesnar vs Strowman is going be a very exciting match! Peace out!