WWE RAW Under Siege!!

RAW Under Siege from Smackdown!

At the end of RAW this Monday, as GM Kurt Angle was about to announce RAW’s Survivor Series Team. He got interrupted by Shane McMahon’s music. What happened next was an historic and shocking moment on RAW! Read on to find out why!

An all out attack!!

After Shane’s music hit through out the arena, he didn’t seem to be coming out and Angle looked confused. Then through the crowd appeared Shane with the WHOLE of the Smackdown locker room in toe!!

Shane and the Smackdown Roster made their way to ringside and surrounded the ring. Shane then simply utter the words “Under Siege…” to Angle, who immediately exits the ring to the backstage area.

Shane then tells the Smackdown Roster to “Go and get them!”. The roster then heads backstage and annihilates everyone in their path!! Even the Shield boys get it!!

RAW ends with Angle being lead back to the ring by the Smackdown roster and Shane giving him some leaving words about how Smackdown will be beating RAW at Survivor Series!!

Amazing! Best thing that’s happened in a long time regarding the whole “Smackdown vs RAW” scenario!

What’s next?

How will RAW retaliate to their complete destruction?! Watch Smackdown to find out!!