Hulk Hogan Returning to WWE soon?

Looks like the Hulkster is on his way back to the WWE

After his public firing in 2015 after racist remarks and other issues… according the PW Insider, the Hogan is in talks with WWE about a possible return!

What will his new role be?

If Hulk Hogan really does make a come back to the WWE soon, maybe even before Wrestlemania, brother! What will his new role be?

There are obviously rumors and speculation as to what exactly he would be doing. Some are saying he could possibly be brought back as the New Smackdown Live GM, as Daniel Bryan is now back on the active roster and Shane McMahon has left TV for a while.

Others are saying that he’ll just come back as a WWE ambassador, promoting the company at events and fund raisers etc.

It would be cool to see him back, I mean at the end the day he’s Hulk Hogan! Yes he’s made mistakes… but who doesn’t?

Not sure if having him a GM or some kind of permenant TV role would be good idea though… as we all remember what happened at Wrestlemania 30… *cough* USELESS ON THE MIC! *cough*

But if we all remember to say our prayers and take our vitamins, we might just see the Hulkster back in a WWE ring very soon, Brother! 


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