Is the Perfect 10 the Perfect US Champ?

Can Tye Dillinger become the New US Champion on Smackdown this week?

On last weeks Smackdown Live, AJ Styles offered the Perfect 10 an opportunity of a life time! He offered him another chance at the United States Championship!

What’s the story?

A few weeks back AJ Styles started doing the US Open Challenge on Smackdown Live again. And on this particular week, Tye Dillinger answered the call.

But on his way down to the ring, he got blindsided by Baron Corbin and got taken out. Corbin then went after Styles but Dillinger came back into the scene after a few minutes and still took on Styles in a wrestling match for the title.

Obviously, the Perfect 10 wasn’t 100% after being attacked by Corbin and lost the match fairly quick to Styles but he still put up a decent fight.

Big Opportunity

The Perfect 10’s second chance at the title was offered last week on Smackdown Live after he had just finished a match with Corbin.

Corbin won the match but by cheating and was not a clean win. The match was still an impressive and entertaining bout so much so, that after the match AJ Styles walked up him backstage and offered him a US title match on this weeks Smackdown!

Is he Champion material?

Simple answer, Yes! I think the Perfect 10 has been some what under-used since being called up to Smackdwon Live. And this push he is being granted can’t come quick enough!

I really hope he wins the US title and I am sure it will be a fantastic bout between him and Styles!

Final thoughts

If I am honest with myself and others would probably agree, he probably won’t win the title on Smackdown. If he does then awesome! But if he doesn’t, then I hope going forward the WWE include him in any further US title matches.

For example, if he doesn’t win the title this week and a Triple Threat match for the title is made at the next PPV. I hope they include the Perfect 10 and not just chuck him to the sidelines.

Here’s to a New “Perfect” US Champion! Peace out!