WWE Smackdown Live Results – 27/06/17

Smackdown Live Review – 27/06/17

This weeks Smackdown featured the Woman’s MITB Ladder Re-match! How did it go? Read on to find out!

The opening

Smackdown opens with Daniel Bryan coming to ring to speak. He promotes the MITB ladder match on tonight’s show before being interrupted by Carmella and Elsworth. Carmella comes to ring and starts kicking off about how she shouldn’t of been stripped of her MITB briefcase. Bryan mocks her a bit and teases the crowd about having a re-match or just give it back to her. Elsworth then kicks off and gets cocky. Bryan teases that he is going to fire him but he just bans him from the entire arena instead! Adios Elsworth!

Tag match

Hype Bros vs The Uso’s. Not a bad match up, a few big tag team hits but in the end the Uso’s finish the Hype Bro’s off with a superkick, followed by a frog splash for the pin fall. Immediately after their win though, The New Day come out! Both teams do some trash talking and they agree to a Tag Team Title match at Smackdown’s next PPV, Battleground.

Fashion Vice!

Next up, the Fashion Police promo video. In this one they show the Fashion Police interrogating The Ascension about who trashed their office and attacked Breeze. Pretty funny as usual, good promo! But someone trashed their office while they were with The Ascension! So who could it be?! haha! I’m sure we’ll find out soon!

Woman’s title re-match

Naomi vs Lana, Woman’s title match. Lana challenged Naomi to a re-match last week on Smackdown and tonight it’s happening again. This match was a really quick one. Lana started off strong-ish then Naomi came back, hit her with a big kick to the head and a split legged moonsault to pick the win via pin fall. Lana wasn’t very happy…

Punjabi Prison match?!

After a quick backstage interview with Becky Lynch, Aiden English is standing in the ring. He starts to sing like he does… then Orton’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Orton confronts English during the break and tells him to get out of the ring… English ends up taking an RKO. After the break though, Orton is sitting in the ring on a chair. He says he isn’t leaving until he gets what he wants, Jindar Mahal and a rematch for the WWE Title!

After he threatens to go to the back and beat Mahal up several times until he gets what he wants… he is about to go then Shane McMahon’s music hits. Shane grants Orton his rematch at Battleground but with a stipulation, of Mahal’s choosing!

Mahal then comes out and trash talks. But he does announce the rematch stipulation! A Punjabi Prison match!! A very rare match that hasn’t been used since the Great Khali days as World Champ… over 10 years ago! So this should be good!!

US Open Challenge

Backstage we see Bryan have AJ Styles come to him to ask why KO didn’t accept his open challenge. KO also shows up and he argues the whole open challenge thing. Bryan then makes an Independence Day, July 4th, Battle Royal! With the winner going on to face KO for the US title at Battleground!

First Lady

The so called “First Lady” of Smackdown comes out with her husband Mike. They go to start talking but Sami Zayn interrupts them with his music and makes his way down to the ring for his match with Corbin.

Corbin vs Zayn

Not a bad match from Mr MITB Corbin and Zayn. A good back and forth match up but it is Corbin who gets the win after a sudden End of Days and a pin fall!

Nakamura was watching the match backstage and has an interview straight after the match. He says in broken English that Corbin should be afraid about what he can do? Or something like that lol

Woman’s MITB Ladder Match

Now for our main event! The MITB Ladder match! Only the second one in history!! The match starts off strong with all five woman going at it! There are plenty of big hits during the match but in the end, after a decent match up. It is Carmella who grabs the briefcase and this time, all by herself! At one point, Elsworth came through the crowd and it looked like he was going to do what he did the first time around. But Becky Lynch put a stop to it by throwing Elsworth off the ladder. Carmella however took care of Lynch with a steel chair and then while the other wrestlers were occupied, climbed the ladder on her own to retrieve the Briefcase!

Carmella is now officially, Miss Money in the Bank!

Final thoughts

A good Smackdown as usual with the main event being very good! It’s all starting to build up to Battleground. Not sure if Carmella was the best choice to win the MITB match but we shall see. Until next week, peace out y’all!

Big Dave Sig