CM Punk Return Buzz

Just a quick post to mention the current CM Punk return buzz!

What’s going on?

Well as you may or may not be aware,  a good few of the wrestling news websites out there are all reporting more or less the same thing about CM Punk. And that is about his “pending” WWE return.

Why though?

The reason as to why is to do with WWE featuring CM Punk in several of it’s latest videos. These are just generic or various videos that WWE have shown during its programming as of late. And from these, people are sparking up a buzz that CM Punk is return is imminent.

Thoughts on the matter

My thoughts about the situation is that CM Punk is no where near returning to the WWE. I was a massive Punk fan and was extremely disappointed when he left but I really do not think he’s coming back any time soon. I know we’ve seen it before with Vince and other superstars, when they put their personal differences aside for the sake of business. But after what happened between Punk and Vince/Triple H, which is well documented, I don’t think he’s coming back…. yet.

But as the saying goes “Never say never!”. Prove me wrong WWE and Punk!

Big Dave Sig

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