Why Roman Reigns needs to beat Lesnar at Summerslam.

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It needs to happen!

So again we’re getting Lesnar vs Reigns at Summerslam 2018.

I know, I know… we have see this match up several times over last few years, even having a Wrestlemania Main Event match up in the mix!

But… if it wasn’t Reigns then who on RAW at the moment could of taken on Lesnar? My answer… NO ONE.

Okay so Braun could of taken out Brock at Summerslam but that would just spoil his feud with KO.

Rollins is in a pretty good feud with Ziggs and the impressive returning Drew!

So who else? No one! And so we’re stuck with Reigns. He’s not everyone’s first choice and we all know how the wrestling universe feels in general about the “Big Dog”.

The Part thing…

But at Summerslam he needs to win… not because he’s Roman Reigns and he’s getting shoved down our throats again. No he needs to win simply because he is a full time wrestler that shows up EVERY week on RAW.

Having a part time wrestler such as Lesnar as the main champion on the WWE’s main show RAW is a disgrace!

Fair enough at first it was cool, the beast is back and can take on anyone etc etc but after him holding the title for over a year now and him only showing up on not even half of the RAW shows during the last year is pretty pathetic.

It’s completely taken away the meaning of being the Universal Champion. It’s made a mockery of the title that replaced the “Big Gold” World Heavyweight title that so many wrestling legends held up high and with pride!

And what do we have now? A UFC competitor who couldn’t care less about the WWE or its fans? Shocking! Go back to UFC Brock… and stay there!!

Smackdown Live isn’t as long as RAW… but for consistency on a weekly basis, it beats RAW hands down. The main reason? It has a WWE Champion that shows up and defends his title at every PPV in AJ Styles!

And that’s what RAW needs again! A champion that actually shows up to show off his title belt and wears it around his waist with pride… not some jacked up beast who’s more concerned with a completely different sport to give a f**k!


Like I said earlier, Reigns may not be the first choice for many including myself but if it means the Universal Champion is actually going to show up on RAW going forward then I’m happy for Reigns to hold it… for now!

Cause’ let’s face it… Braun isn’t going to wait long once Reigns gets his hands on that Universal title, to make his move as the Monster in the Bank! He’ll beat him without the MITB briefcase to be fair!

Hell, he could even cash in at Summerslam and steal the title right from under Reigns!

I don’t care! All I want, as I’m sure many other fans do and that’s a full time WWE wrestler back on top of the mountain! And NO MORE PART TIMERS!!!


Wrestling Super Fan!