Are WWE Championships losing value?

Are WWE Championships losing value?

We examine the trend that WWE have been doing with their championships and how this trend is destroying their Championships values.

What is this trend?

As of late the WWE has been following a trend with nearly all their Championships. This trend is playing “Pass the Parcel” or “Hot Potato” with championship belts. You can all what you will but the fact of the matter is that by doing this, WWE are slowly destroying the value of their title belts that have fallen into this trend. Which unfortunately is A LOT of them.

Which belts are affected?

A few of the latest WWE titles have fallen into this trend. Some really badly and others not so much. One of the worst has been the RAW Woman’s title. This belt has changed hands so many times in the last year or two, it’s unreal.

First you had it going back and forth between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, for months on end. Then Bayley had it for a bit before losing it to the Bliss. Then just as we thought Bliss would hold the title for a good while as a major heel champion, she loses it Banks, who then loses it back to Bliss some 2 weeks later!!

Same thing happened a few weeks back with the Cruiserweight title. Neville held it for months and months, then Akira Tozawa beat him for it, then lost it back to Neville within a week odd! Why?!

The same again goes for the Smackdown Tag Team titles. While RAW’s tag team titles haven’t changed hands much over the past few months, Smackdown’s tag titles has changed hands a good few times. The Uso’s being the ones to lose then retain the titles again within only a few weeks of losing them against the New Day.

The US title has also been changing hands pretty quickly as well as of late, with AJ Styles and Kevin Owens passing the title back and forth…

The only titles that have been really safe from the trend is the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship, which have yet to succumb to the “double switch” move.

So what needs to be done?

It’s simple… LEAVE CHAMPIONS BECOME CHAMPIONS. This is why quick runs of a week or 2 don’t mean shit. Fans just go “Oh well that didn’t last long…” and then question why they even purchased the US replica title belt over their shoulder.

This is where the the championships value is destroyed. Fans are not going to appreciate title belts if they swap hands “willy-nilly” between superstars. When a superstar wins a title, they won that title because they usually deserved to win it. So having that superstar then lose such title within a week of winning it, puts all the hard work they’ve done to win the title in the first place, straight down the toilet!

Having a superstar hold the title for a period of time, makes the title having meaning and gives the superstar worth! It builds the character of the superstar and gives the title they hold, VALUE!

To sum things up…

Going forward in the next few years, I hope WWE stop just passing title belts around like they were just bong pipes and everyone is taking a “hit”.

They need to let a champion, be a champion and defend what they so rightfully deserve! The only ones doing this at the moment seem to be NXT! And that’s not good, considering NXT is the development brand and not the main TV shows!

So change how things are going WWE for F**K sake! Or your going to see a drop in replica title sales and more and more fans not even caring about championships anymore! Until next time, Peace!

Big Dave Sig