ICW Fight club review – 11th May

Tonight I subscribed to ICW on demand. So so happy right now.

This weeks show started with a recap of last weeks show,  Grado confronted with Sha Samuels, making me already wanting to watch last weeks show.

This weeks show started with a cracker…


The match started with Wolfy wrapping his jacket around Jesters head, where the commentators said ‘a bit like Guantanamo bay.’ Brilliant.

Shortly into the match Wolfy got ‘the kitchen sink’ from under the ring, commentator said ‘He’s not been able to clean a dish for about 5 weeks now.’ Genius.

Wolfgang performed his ‘The howling’ finish. Missed, however the move which always impresses me.

Jester hit Wolfy with the sink. 2 count.

  • Wolfy tombstoned Jester onto the sink, which he pinned for 3.

‘Commentator said ‘He’s used him as a plug.’ Again, Genius.

Great start!

Wolfy isn’t finished there. His hand is cut wide open btw. He promo’s how other people think they’re stars but they’re f*ck all. Good promo.

Next up, POLO PROMOTIONS v KINGS OF CATCH (ICW Debut.) Quite a routine match, The crowd literally chanted “Polo promotions, Kings of Catch.” All the way though the match, quite annoying… until it changed to “Polo promotions, Shut the f*ck up.” Genius.

*I wonder how many fights have broken out in an ICW crowd. When I watched them in Cardiff a few fans nearly got knocked out.

Jackie Polo did a bad ass ‘shoulder breaker,’ eventually ended up in a pretty sweet full nelson, and force a tap for the win.

  • Polo promotions def. Kings of catch via submission.

Next up, ‘SESSION MOTH’ MARTINA v KAY LEE RAY. Martina enters throwing out glow sticks with some hard dance playing (Not exactly Naomi in WWE, more a Gypsy Irish p*ssed version.)

Martina challenges Ray to a Scottish rules match. Shits about to get real. Oh boy, it did. Ray just stuck a can of special brew over Martina’s head. I kid you not. Martina comes back, somehow, it’s actually a good storyline. Ok, commentators said she’s holding her up by her ‘Gunt.’ (Please Google if you don’t know what it means.) I’m amazed right now. Now Martina has got a cigarette out while holding Ray up in the air. The chav boyfriend comes out to distract, and Martina pins Ray.

  • Martina def. Ray via pin for a title shot.

Oh my mull. This is why I love ICW. If I was to say the chav proposed to Martina at the end using a condom ring would you believe me? You need to find this online.

Next up, Here he is, Lion Heart is back! Gives a promo, watches him boot Joe hendry in the face at barrowmania, and he’s swerves an apology to turn in Hendry. Great promo.

Next up, PETE DUNN gives a promo. Short but sweet.

Next up, Champion Joe Coffey gives a promo. Which started with his uncle dying from heroin last weekend, and he was addicted to winning. *I love ICW.

Next up, KENNY WILLIAMS in an open challenge… who is v MATT CROSS. Yes!!! Love both these!

….Dive. Good time to see high flyers. Not like everywhere else in the world. These guys are awesome. I cannot and will not, attempt to play by play this match. It’s back and forth awesomeness. Zack Gibson just interrupted the match and kicked them both down. He says he’s Zero G caliber however he’s 6″5′ how is this believable! NO from me. He looks like this guy I know Ben Davies, but I digress.

Backstage, Ray and Stevie Boy meet with Daley Blaze. I love Davey Blaze.

Next up, and finally. ICW Title match. JOE COFFEY v PETE DUNN. Dunn is on one of the biggest pushes I’ve ever seen in wrestling fair play to the guy. The WWE UK tournament should have been called the Pete Dunn competition in all fairness. Hope Coffey kills him.

Coffey attacks from the off, until Dunn pedigrees Coffey. Then he does the water spit move from HHH. Is that a rib? Is it contractual? Who knows!

Back and forth outside the ring.

Ok, Pete Dunn just used 2 fans as props to hit Coffey. Awesome. The first ICDUB chant of the night!!!! Well deserved. OK a fan just picked up Dunn and threw him at Coffey. F*ck me this is awesome. New respect for both.

Wait, is Pete Dunn really a Vegan? I can’t see it tbh. He looks like he eats little sisters and rabbits for snacks.

I bet WWE creative are watching this. Bet they’re doctor ain’t.

The match goes back and forth, near finishes everywhere. The finale ends up in the ref being hit around by both wrestlers by accident, however the ref ends up biting Coffeys fingers as does Dunn on the other side. Coffey overcomes and puts Dunn in an upside down submission move and Dunn Taps

  • Joe Coffey def. Pete Dunn via Submission.

WOW. What an event. Great show from start to finish. I’m off to binge on ICW content now.

Much love, The Champ.


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