NXT Takeover: Chicago Results – 20/05/17

NXT Takeover: Chicago Results – 20/05/17

The latest NXT Takeover event came from Chicago, it was a night of thrills, championship matches and pain! Read more below to find out the results!

Eric Young vs Roderick Strong

Roderick’s feud with Sanity ended on this show with a victory over Eric young. After keeping Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe at bay, the “Messiah of the Backbreaker” delivered a release suplex backbreaker to defeat Young with the 3 count!

The two wrestlers had a fantastic match, getting tweets from several wrestlers and wrestling personalities on Twitter, including Tazz.

Asuka vs Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross

In this triple threat for the NXT Woman’s Championship, the odds seemed stacked up against the defending champion. But Asuka took advantage of an out cold Nikki, after Ruby had delivered several blows and a modified Pele Kick. As Ruby went for the pin, Asuka flew in with low running knee, taking out Ruby and claiming the victory!

The match was very entertaining and Asuka continues her more than a year long streak as NXT Woman’s Champion. The only thing I’m wondering after this victory, is when Asuka is going to be called up to the main WWE roster? Tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity to have Asuka lose her title, without actually being pinned. This would of enabled her to move up to the main WWE roster still undefeated but clearly WWE have other plans for her in NXT, before moving her up.

Pete Dunne Beats Tyler Bate

After a hard fought battle between the two UK wrestling greats, a mistake by Bate left him dazed outside the ring. This came after Bate missed a leap over the top rope onto Dunne. This then lead to Dunne taking advantage of the situation by rolling a dazed Bate into in the ring and hitting the Bitter End!

And after a 3 count, Dunne left Chicago as the NEW WWE United Kingdom Champion!

Authors of Pain vs DIY (Ladder Match)

The Authors of Pain again retained the NXT Tag Team gold after a hard hitting ladder match, that left both teams battered and bruised!

The ending of the match saw both members of DIY holding onto the titles high up on the ladder. The Authors of Pain then kicked the ladder out from under them and hit the Super Collider on DIY. DIY were then unable to get back to their feet to stop the Authors of Pain reclaim the tag team titles.

The Authors of Pain continue their dominance over the NXT Tag Team division, is there no one who can defeat these two beasts?

One half of DIY, Ciampa, took the defeat very badly. He attacked his tag team partner as they headed to the locker room after the match… is this the end of DIY?

Bobby Roode vs Hideo Itami

In one of the toughest matches of his career, Roode defended hsi NXT Championship against Hideo Itami. The match was very much back and forth but it was Roode who came out on top after counting a GTS into the Glorious DDT and rolling it over into another DDT to finish off Itami for the win.

Although, the concerning side of this match was that although it was for the yellow brands main title, it was not the main event for the show. The main event was the Ladder match or the Tag Team gold… is this a bad sign for Roode and Itami’s WWE careers? Or maybe the hype for the Ladder match, simply out weighed the hype for the NXT title match.

Only time will tell I suppose. Overall a decent show as always by NXT. Asuka definitely needs to be moved up sooner rather than later though! BigDave out!

Big Dave Sig