Analyzing Asuka’s next move in WWE

What’s next for Asuka?

After relinquishing the NXT Woman’s title this week, what’s next for Asuka in the WWE? Read on to find out!

Next move

So what is Asuka’s next move in the WWE after relinquishing her NXT Woman’s title this week on NXT. Well we all know she is out for a good couple of months with a broken collar bone, that’s why she had to surrender the title, but when she comes back, where is she going?

RAW or Smackdown?

When Asuka eventually does make her return to the ring, which show will she debut on? Will it be RAW or Smackdown? Well, I’ve wrote down some pointers for each show below:

RAW – I think this would be the logical choice for Asuka and would be a better choice of the two main shows. RAW has some very good woman wrestlers including Banks, Bliss and Nia Jax and I think Asuka would fit in with the woman wrestlers of RAW perfectly. Banks vs Asuka or Bliss vs Asuka would make for some amazing wrestling matches!

Smackdown – Now with Smackdown I’d say it wouldn’t be the best choice for Asuka to go to. This is purely based on the fact that they have a lot of top woman wrestlers at the moment and I think adding Asuka to the mix wouldn’t be beneficial to the show. As they already have the Queen, Charlotte Flair, Lynch, Nataylia, Naomi, Snuka and Carmella, I think Asuka would make it a bit over crowded and she couldn’t live up to her full potential.

Final thoughts

Once Asuka is healed and ready to come back to the ring, I think RAW will definitely be the right choice for her to debut on and go after the RAW Woman’s title. It would also be worth WWE continuing he undefeated streak, as this is a HUGE selling point for Asuka and how awesome she is!

Big Dave Sig