Big Cass out with ACL Tear

Big Cass out for up to 9 months following ACL tear on RAW!

During RAW Big Cass and Enzo had a street fight, which was kind of the last time they would of fought anyway but after what happened during the match… it really is the last time, for at least 9 months any how!

What’s happened?

The match on RAW was going as planned, Enzo being demolished by Cass as usual. But when Enzo managed to counter a move which send Cass over the top rope and to the floor, Cass landed awkwardly on his left leg.

After this happened you could see Cass limping badly and it didn’t seem like the usual “selling an injury” type of thing. It was clearly a bad situation as then shortly after the ref called for the bell and ending the match, stating that Cass could not continue.

WWE have now confirmed that he did in fact tear his ACL and will be out for up to 9 months following surgery later this week.

Where does this leave Cass?

This tends to happen to the best of them. A superstar starts getting a push then BAM! They get injured and are out for months, which completely stops their push and career building.

Hopefully though, when Big Cass does return, he’ll come back with a bang and continue his push forward. I wish Cass a super fast recovery! See you soon!

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