The United Kingdom Wrestling scene.

I’m not starting a world war or anything. There’s enough of them going on already. Just wanted to say how ‘over’ the UK scene/style is currently.

Casing point, NXT Takeover: Chicago. Did you see the show Pete Dunn v Tyler Bate put on? If not, go and watch it now! It hands down stole the show, which in itself, was an awesome show. The crowd were loving their match.

For me, that was a taster of an ‘ICW show’ to the US crowd. The crowd lapped it up. Quite rightly so. The high intensity, high aggression, and great sequences is what the WWE Wrestling fans are begging for. NEW! FRESH! Less PG!!!

The same old, same old, does not work anymore. The audience does not want to see the same five guys versus each other for the 4 weeks prior to a PPV. It’s repeatative, and boring. Just look at the Ratings of Raw and Smackdown recently. Even with Jinder Mahal as champion, (Which is refreshing and peaked opinions,) there is not enough surprises or Mark out matches to interest existing fans. The WWE has the talent, they have the equipment, however they need to increase the aggression, increase the strong style, and increase the storylines to represent what is working right now.

The UK scene is exactly what WWE needs to be. More adult based, more aggresive, and more refreshing.

I cannot watch Raw or Smackdown right now because in my opinion ‘WWE is for kids.’ I leave it up to the creative team to convince me otherwise, however I have a feeling I’m not alone on this one.

the champ