WWE Smackdown Live Review – 30/05/17

Smackdown Live Review from 30/05/17

Diva’s Promo’s to start off

Smackdown started this week with a few of the Diva’s doing mini pre-recorded promo’s for the big 5-Way Elimination No.1 Contenders Diva’s match later in the show.

The KO Show!

We then jumped straight into a Kevin Owen’s “Highlight Reel” with his guest Shinsuke Nakamura. They exchanged some words, most of which was just broken English from Shinsuke. Corbin then interrupted, showing off his highlight from last weeks Smackdown.  It then all kicked off with Owen’s attacking Shinsuke and all three men starting a brawl. Sami Zayn then appeared to help out Shinsuke, which lead to a tag match between the four men.

The tag match was pretty good to be fair, all men will face each other in the Money in the bank match at the coming PPV. By the end of the match all four men had entered the ring but it was Shinsuke who picked up the win, by once again pinning the US Champion, Kevin Owens.

Not sure why they are building Shinsuke up so much at the moment. I like his wrestling style but his gimmick is TERRIBLE in my opinion. Having him beat Owen’s over and over is some what annoying. Surely at some point this is going to lead to a US title match? But still don’t Owen’s should be buried in the process.

Uuuuusssoooo – One day ish

We come back after a commercial break to the Uso twins standing the ring boasting about still being Smackdown Tag Champs. Then you hear…


New Day
Credit: WWE

The New Day are back! And are LIVE on Smackdown! They do their usual weird but quite funny promo which leads to a confrontation on the mic with the Uso’s. New Day announce that Shane has granted them a title match, why? Well because NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY…. you get the picture!

Promo videos galore!

After a break we come back to a promo video for Jinder Mahal and how his celebration was so amazing from last week. We then skip to a tag team promo with the “Fashion Police”, Breezango. These videos by Breezango are pretty entertaining to be fair. Good for them! They both seem to be growing as a popular tag team and it is only a matter of time before these two get the Tag belts!

Diva’s Mayhem!

Next up, the 5-Way Elimination match! Charlotte vs Carmella vs Becki Lynch vs Natalya vs Tamiya Snuka. It kicks right off from the start with all five woman brawling before the match even starts!

Tamiya goes berserk and starts ripping apart the announcers table, looking to put Charlotte through it. Charlotte fights back, ending with her doing her top rope moonsault onto both Snuka and Natalya. This is followed by Carmella jumping off the barricade onto Charlottle. Becki then gets involved, takes out Carmella. Charlotte then ends up power-bombing  Natalya straight through the announcer table!

Absolute mayhem from the Diva’s division! After all this Shane McMahon comes out and announces basically if you can’t all get along, were going to have to do this a different away! He makes history and announces something big! All five woman will take part in the first ever woman’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the coming PPV!

There was a rumor going around that they were going to go down this route regarding a Woman’s MITB match. And I am glad they have done it. I for one think this match will be incredible!

Breezango moving up!

Next up was a fairly quick tag match between Breezango and Pablo and whatever his name is. The Caribbean brothers team. I’m not a fan so don’t really take notice.  Either way, the match ended with Breeze doing a quick change thing and doing an alter ego gimmick which then ends with him pinning Primo. Not a bad match, again you can see there building up Breezango.

The Viper responds to Mahal

After a quick backstage promo from Ziggler and AJ Styles. We go straight to Orton coming to ring for a promo. He basically says how he’s going to claim the title back from Mahal at the coming PPV. Mahal then turns up on the big screen and starts the trash talk. Nothing much else happens… was just a build up promo for the rematch.

AJ vs Zig

Our main event this week is AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler. Very good match between the two men as you expect from these two. A lot of back and forth, classic moves but it ended with Ziggler picking up the win! Which I thought was a bit surprising but happy for him. I think Ziggler should win more! It’s time they gave more credit to the guy. I don’t know whether this is a sign that he’s going to win the big MITB match mind… but it would be nice to see Ziggler on top again!

Credit: WWE

Final Thoughts

Overall a strong show. Much better than RAW this week, which was stale and lacked entertainment to be fair. I am looking forward to MITB with the added Woman’s match as well, the PPV should be a good one!

Big Dave Sig