ICW – 2nd June 2017- Islington, London.

Can I just start by saying my intention is to promote ICW as much as possible. If yer na familiar, I recommend you watch one show from start to finish. To get to where they are now from where they started, is an amazing accomplishment. 

Would I recommend you watch ‘this’ show first, probably not actually. Its not because the crowd was small for this show, (even though it did have an impact on the overall feel.) I wouldn’t because they were on the road, and I feel the best way to start watching ICW is in ‘the Garage’ shows in Glasgow. Available on ICW on demand. It’s £6.99 a month, and you will experience an adult alternative to what is primarily a PG industry, including their PPV’s.

This show was in Islington Assembly Hall. A lovely little music venue that was built in 1929. The crowd wasn’t big, however they gave it their best.

  • BT Gunn v Davey Blaze

The crowd starting ‘chopsing’ Davey Blaze, paying attention to his weight, however as he’s a big bastard, nobody would dream of saying that to his face outside. He took it well by telling them all to fuck off. BTW I’m fully aware that Davey is doing something about this, as I see his Gym posts quite often now. He’s looking better and better each day.

Great match to start the show. Both wrestlers certainly worked well together. Blaze’s heel style is brilliant as he’s very aggressive. BT Gunn can certainly sell punches and in addition, he can move, and dish it out aswell.

BT Gunn def. Davey Blaze via Pinfall.

  • Stevie Boy (w/Kay Lee Ray) v Grado

Pure comedy match from two Comedy Heels. My opinion is no matter how much Grado attempts to be Heel, he’s just funny as fuck mun. Favourite quote of the night “I hate that cunt Ben telling us the time.” – Grado talking about ‘Big Ben’ attempting to gain heat.

Mostly comedy spots throughout the match, which was frustrating Stevie. Not much significance to the match apart from Kay Lee Ray getting kneed in the Bollocks. *Apparently they’re bigger than Grado’s. Finishes with Chris Renfrew coming out to distract Stevie, and Grado gets the fall.

Grado def. Stevie boy via pin. 

  • Roy Johnson v Ravie Davey (Wasteman Challenge)

Not a wrestling match, a rap battle. How can you not love Ravie. Altercation at the end, where Ravie offers Johnson to do it again, but in Glagow.

  • Iestyn Rees v Mark Coffey (Polo Promotions)

I am impressed by Iestyn Rees. I feel he his developing every time I see him. Plus he’s Welsh so I fucking love him even more! Not in a gay way, however he is a handsome bastard too. I’m confused.

Good match from the two ‘bullies’ as they called themselves. A good back and forth match.

Iestyn gets help from the tag champs the Marauders for the win. Another welsh man in Mike Bird, I wonder how many ICW fans know theyre both Welsh? Iestyn attempts to do his ‘catch of the day’ pose with Mark, however Jackie Polo comes out to stop it from happening.

Iestyn Rees def. Mark Coffey via pin.

  • Main Event – Wolfgang v Jester

No matter how many times these two go at it, you’ll guarantee it will be a solid match. Good aggressive spots from both wrestlers. The fight goes outside in London, where they hit each other with cones and against information signs. Good spot where Wolfy put Jest on top of a barrier pole, and the pole nearly disappeared up Jesters arse. Nice.

The fight went back inside and after a good back and forth the match ended with Jester pinning Wolfy.

Jester def. Wolfgang via Pinfall.

This weeks podcast I will be talking about ICW in quite some depth, I hope you like what I have to say. If you missed our Pilot Podcast, give it a listen.

Podcast Pilot – So it begins

Thanks ya fannies.

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