WWE Smackdown Review – 06/06/17

Smackdown Review for May 6th 2017

This weeks Smackdown was the continued build up to the Money in the Bank PPV. Solid show with a lot of entertaining moments! Even a debut!

The opening promo

This weeks opening promo focused on a recap of the big female brawl from last weeks episode. And how Shane McMahon made a historic announcement that there will be the first ever, Woman’s MITB Ladder match!

Shane O’Mac!

Going straight into the show with Shane making his way to the ring. The ring has all five woman who will compete in the MITB Ladder match.  Shane cuts a speech about how the woman’s ladder match will make history and reveals the new woman’s MITB briefcase!

To be fair, I thought it was going to be pink or something. But it ended up being silver. Nice look to be fair! All the wrestlers got a word in before the Smackdown Woman’s Champion Naomi interrupts and comes down to the ring. She gives some trash talk back to all the females but then gets interrupted by a debuting Lana! In a very blue number!

Lana makes her way down to the ring, tries to talk Shane about a title match? Not really sure why… then they all laugh. Shane tells her she needs to EARN a title shot. Then Lana has a hissy fit and storms off. Weird debut.


6 Woman Tag Match

We come from a break into the first match of the night. All five woman who are in the ladder match and Naomi are involved. The match is a pretty good one! Some very good wrestling. It ends with Lana coming back down the ring and distracting/attacking Naomi. Then Naomi takes a huge super kick to the face from Tamiya. Pin fall!

Mojo… oh no.

Next we go backstage to Mojo Riley complaining to Shane that he’s been on the bench over the past couple of months. He wants an opportunity! So Shane gives him a chance to compete in the MITB Ladder match, IF he can beat WWE Champion Jinder Mahal tonight!

AJ vs Zig

I’m sure last week we had a AJ vs Ziggler match? But they say from the commentating table that it’s a rematch from last week. To be fair, these two are very good wrestlers and watching them both wrestle is always entertaining! Again they had a very good match with this time AJ picking up the win over Zig!

The weird fashion files…

We go then to a promo video from the “Fashion Police”. It involves the New Day wanting the Fashion Police to take on a case! There’s a bit of a back and forth over some bad jackets or outfits? Then the New Day say they want some information about the Uso’s. More weird mind talk… then promo ends. Fairly funny, kinda weird. But it works?

Mojo gets his opportunity

Mojo comes out, Mahal makes a big deal of his entrance as usual. Fairly short match, Mojo did his best but Mahal got the win. I highly doubt they would of had the WWE Champ lose to Mojo so soon after winning the title.

Mahal then went on to cut a promo about how Orton has no chance at beating him for the WWE title at MITB. To be fair, Mahal is over right now. Everyone hates his guts and that makes for one hell of a HEEL Champion!

The viper is ready…

After a promo video, we go to an interview backstage with Orton. Short and sweet, he says how he’s coming for Mahal.

It’s a New Day!

Next up, tag match. The New Day vs Primo and Nero? Or whatever there called. Again, fairly quick match with New Day coming out on top! Was obvious really. But the Uso’s did interrupt after the match and give one of their “in sync” promos. I am liking the Uso’s as of late. I like their heel turn, it’s worked well and I like how they do their promo’s. ONE DAY ISH!

Zayn promo

After a break, we go backstage to an interview with Sami Zayn. Corbin intervenes, pretends to ask Zayn a question. Then beats the holy hell out of Zayn! Leaving him a mess on the floor in a pile of ladders.

Shane’s taking care of business!

We go straight over to Shane on the phone in his office about the Corbin situation. Naomi comes in and demands she has Lana at MITB, wish granted! But it is also for the Woman’s title!

The KO Show

The main event features Kevin Owens taking on Shinsuke Nakamura for the first ever! As you’d expect from these two, it’s one hell of a match! Plenty of awesome moves and bumps! But in the end, it’s Nakamura who picks up the win after pinning KO!

As soon as the match ends, Corbin, who’s been sitting at the commentary table, runs to in the ring and hits Shinsuke with the End of Days!

Final thoughts

I think Corbin is trying to send a message to his MITB Ladder match opponents! It does make him look very strong heading towards the PPV though!

The build up to MITB is going well and again I although RAW was good this week. Smackdown still seems the better show! Looking forward to what next week has to bring! Peace out!

Big Dave Sig