WWE RAW/Smackdown Live Highlights – July 24th & 25th

Highlights from this weeks RAW and Smackdown!

RAW was the set up for something big! And Smackdown Live had a 2 x New US Champions in the same week! It was also the aftermath of an exciting Battleground! Read on to find out what made the highlights this week!

RAW Highlights – 24/07/2017

RAW started off with a reminder of what happened to Reigns and Joe at the end of the last weeks RAW. This lead to Kurt Angle starting off RAW in the ring. He announced that at Summerslam, Brock Lesnar will put his Universal Title on the line in a Fatal 4 Way against Reigns, Joe and Strowman!

This lead to a brawl happening in the ring after the 3 men that will face Lesnar interrupted Angle during his announcement. The brawl got so out of hand, Angle called security and the RAW locker room to ring to break the 3 men up!

They also announced a Tripe Threat match for next weeks RAW involving the 3 men! So big news for Summerslam! And next weeks RAW!

Wyatt vs Balor feud begins to build

Wyatt interupted the ending to Balor’s match. Hitting the “Sister Abigal” and leaving Balor laid out in the ring. This feud should be a good one! I hope it’s leading to Wyatt vs Balor at Summerlsam but with Balor unleashing his inner Demon!!

Big Cass makes his stand

Enzo went against Big Cass again on today’s RAW. Why I don’t know because he just got his ass kicked…again. But this time, Big Show came out to try and help Enzo. This ended up back firing on Show and Big Cass was the one leaving ringside standing tall and proclaiming that he’s the “New 7-footer!”.

Bayley gets another chance

Sasha Banks vs Bayley was a brilliant match! Some amazing wrestling from both female wrestlers! But it was Bayley who managed to pin Banks at the end of the match. This means it will now be Bayley vs Bliss at Summerslam for the RAW’s Woman’s title.

Angle’s Son Debuts

Jason Jordan debuts on RAW tonight against Kurt Hawkins. So you knew he was going to win anyway… haha! To be fair though, short but impressive match! Can see him as an IC Champion as time goes on!

Hardy Boyz get revenge

The Hardy Boyz got some revenge this week on The Revival. Taking them out in the ring but the Revival managed to getting away before the Hardy’s could do some real damage. Still no more broken references though…

Handicap Match highlights the show

The main event was Rollins and Ambrose vs The Miztourage. And what a match it was! In the first time in over 2 years, Rollins and Ambrose worked together as an effective team to defeat Axel, Dallas and Miz! The match was entertaining and exciting and was one of the best tag matches I have seen!

Final thoughts

Not a bad RAW. Not the best show ever but none the less a decent show! It set up some good matches for Summerslam and next weeks RAW. I am looking forward to next weeks RAW!

Smackdown Live Highlights – 25/07/2017

This weeks Smackdown had a new US Champion! And we opened the show with him! Kevin Owens made his way to the ring to open Smackdown!

KO said he’s glad he’s US Champion again but said he wasn’t defending the title on tonight’s show as he didn’t want too. But AJ Styles had other ideas and interrupted him, stating he wanted his rematch!

This led to a HUGE return! Chris Jericho’s music hits and outcomes Y2J!!

He says he wants his rematch for the US title and Shane McMahon ends up making it a Triple Threat for the US title as the main event!

The main event of the night was a brilliant match! All 3 men had a picture perfect match up but it was the surprise win from AJ Styles that stole the show!

So we had 2 new US Champions within 3 days! Mental! Owens also demanded his rematch on next weeks Smackdown as he was extremely pissed off he lost the match! So next week should be a good one!

Nakamura vs Cena?!

After another rematch from Battleground, Nakamura vs Corbin. Nakamura won the match this time fair and square.

Jinder Mahal would come down the ring demanding an opponent at Summerslam after taking out Orton for good at Battleground. This led to Cena coming to the ring and saying he’s his opponent at Summerslam!

Daniel Bryan had something to say about about this and said Cena needed to EARN his title shot. He then announced Cena vs Nakamura on next weeks Smackdown to battle  to become the No.1 Contender!

Exciting times ahead for Smackdown!

Female Tag Match

The tag match between Charlotte & Lynch vs Lana and Snuka was a very good match! These female wrestlers are on another level these days! Snuka wasn’t very pleased with Lana for losing the match up though.

Battleground rematch – Tag Match

Zayn and Dillinger vs Mike Kanellis and Aden English. This match was also pretty good! With the Perfect 10 and Zayn coming out on top! They really need to use Dillinger more!!

Final thoughts

This weeks Smackdown was very good! Awesome matches and another new US Champ! Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing though? But I hope KO doesn’t take the title back next week… otherwise it will become a bit of joke. Was awesome to see Y2J back as well! And Cena vs Nakamura next week?! Why the hell not! Until then, Peace out!

Big Dave Sig