And the winner is…?

Interesting Poll Result!

This week I conducted a Poll on Twitter to see which of the four competitors in the Fatal Four Way for the Univeral Title at Summerslam, you would like to see walk out as champ. Well the results were quite interesting! Read on for the analysis!

The Result

So I ran the Poll for 3 days just asking who fans would want to see win the big match at Summerslam. Poll is below:

Now as you can see fans chose Samoa Joe as their favourite to win.

So what does this mean?

Well, although Joe did win the poll it was not by that much. Reigns came last which was no surprise there but it was interesting to see that Lesnar and Strowman both came a very close second and third in the polls ranking.

I thought that it was going to be Strowman and Joe coming out as the top picks but after this poll, it seems that although there has been a lot of talk going around about how Lesnar is starting become a bit of a boring champion, it seems his popularity is just as strong as the other top guys in the WWE at this moment in time.

Final thoughts

After the outcome of the poll it seems obvious that no one wants Reigns to win… but I can’t help but think that although we all want it to be Strowman or even more so Joe, who walks out the winner. I can see WWE giving Reigns the win and us having to deal with him saying “It’s my yard!” For the next few months as champion. But who knows, maybe Vince will have a change in heart and actually listen to his fans!! Peace!

Big Dave Sig