New WWE Title Belt Rumors

The latest rumors surrounding WWE title belts!

There has been a lot of talk going around the internet about WWE changing the look of some of their title belts. So here’s some of the latest rumors and pictures popping up on the web!

New Mid-Card Title Belts

US title

The above is the latest picture to pop up online about what the new United States title belt could look like, if WWE do actually replace the current one.

The current US belt has stayed the same for a number of years and I suppose it is due to be given an updated look. I actually do like the above image as it takes on the style of the current Intercontinental title belt, which I am a big fan of.

To much of the same

WWE titles
Credit: Reddit

The above picture shows another version of the mid-card belts which are most likely fan made, as is the first US title belt picture before it. But with this picture, they’ve basically followed the new WWE logo belt look.

I really hope that if WWE do decide to change things up with the US title or IC title or both in the future, they do it with an updated new design and now simply go down the road of that they’ve down with both Woman’s title’s and the both main WWE titles.

Any new titles or new title designs they come up with need to be original and exciting! Like the new United Kingdom Championship! It’s awesome! And I’m not just saying that because I’m from the UK. Here’s a picture of it for your viewing pleasure! Peace!

UK title

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