We’re back for the Royal Rumble!!

Royal Rumble this Weekend!

It’s that time of year again… and a new year means, Rumble time baby!! Who will win?! Nobody really ever knows when it comes to the Rumble, which makes it one of the best PPV’s of the year!

Where have we been?

After certain events that happened with the site owners towards the end of last year, we were unable to find the time to update the Wrestling Worldwide website and talk about all the latest wrestling news. But now were back! So expect daily/weekly updates from here on out!!

So… Rumble weekend!

There are are many rumors floating around this weekend and the whole week leading up the Rumble. Many of which are a load of bull-crap, with the intent to throw us off who eventually ends up walking out the winner.

Woman’s Rumble Winner!

Rhonda Rousey has been mentioned having “signed” with the WWE and so everyone is expecting her to turn up on Sunday night. Although the Woman’s Rumble will go down in the history as the first ever woman’s version of the iconic match but for that reason only… not become Rhonda is going to turn up. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong but I really don’t think she will be there on Sunday.

As for the winner.. it’s anyone gain to be honest with the woman of the WWE  but if WWE want to keep up Asuka’s winning streak, she’s going to have to win it! But we shall see!

The Men’s Rumble Winner!

Well… there are A LOT of options for who could potentially win this year. Cena and Reigns have been named as top favorites… but my personal pick is KO, Kevin Owens! If there is one person who should win, it’s Kevin Owens! He 100% deserves it!!

But that is my opinion and everyone has their own favorites to win! The Rumble match can always be a bit of a hit and miss… but as there’s 2 actual Rumble matches this year, we should all be entertained!!

Our surprise entrant pick… DANIEL BRYAN!!

And we will all be happy… as long as Reigns doesn’t win… Peace!


Wrestling Super Fan!