Was the MITB PPV a flop?

Want went wrong?

Since watching the MITB PPV on Monday night, work commitments etc. It was quite plain to see that the PPV didn’t live up to its potential. And many other WWE fans were saying the same online.

Why though?

Well I think it was a few things. The matches at the PPV were actually pretty good. The non-main event matches like the Tag Team titles match and Woman’s title match, they were pretty good but everything else seemed to lack something.

Breaking it down

So I am going to break down the PPV, match by match. I’m going to say what issues each match had, if they had any and give a small review of the match.

  • Kick off show match – The Hype Bros vs The Colons

    Didn’t actually watch this match. It’s on the kick off show, so it was just a filler match. Nothing of massive importance. It was the Hype Bros first match back together though.

  • Naomi vs Lana – Woman’s Title

    I expected this match to be tragic but Lana surprised me and everyone by giving us a half decent wrestling match! So well done Lana! She certainly showed she has the potential to be the Woman’s Champion some day.

  • The New Day vs The Uso’s – Tag Titles

    The match itself wasn’t half bad to be fair. Good tag match overall but the ending sucked. I know the Uso’s are the heels… but why make them look weak by having them just walk off at the end? Spoiled the match in my opinion. Fair enough do that type of thing on Smackdown but not on PPV.

  • Orton vs Mahal – WWE Title

    For me, this was the worst match of the night. The ending was pretty good though! With Orton taking out the Singh brothers but then Mahal beating him in the end. Not a WWE title match you’d expect to see at a PPV.

  • Woman’s MITB match

    This match was very good for the most part. Some big bumps from the woman wrestlers, a lot of them being in a ladder match for the first time in their careers. The ending however… tragic. I get why they did it, so Carmella and Ellsworth would have major heat. But I don’t understand why they would do it on the FIRST EVER Woman’s MITB in history. It was just a stupid decision.

  • Men’s MITB match

    This match again was pretty good. Big bumps, hard hitting moves, ladder smashing, back breaking moves, the usual. And it all ended with Corbin grabbing the case. It was a good ending but I think it lacked meaning after what they did with the Woman’s MITB match. Kinda put a downer on the PPV as a whole.

Final thoughts

Going forward from MITB 2017, I think the WWE need to re-think some of there story line planning. They made some dumb decisions at the PPV which in the end made the PPV a bit of a flop.

They know they did really bad with the ending to the Woman’s MITB match as they are having another one on Smackdown next week to decide a CLEAR winner. Not a MAN grabbing the case. Shocking. But you live and learn as they say!

Big Dave Sig