Bray Wyatt getting divorced?

Whats the story?

So according to a news reporter from the Daily Mail, Jose Lambiet, Bray Wyatt’s wife has filed for a divorce.

Wyatt’s real life wife, Samantha Rotunda has filed for a divorce after accusing Wyatt of having an affair with WWE ring announcer Jojo.

Why though?

Well, according to Rotunda’s lawyer, Ray Rafool. He has obtained phoned records showing that Wyatt has been having “continuous contact” with Jojo.

Although Jojo’s name is specifically mentioned in the divorce papars or the actual divorce case, Rotunda is accusing her husband Wyatt of having an affair with her. The couple have apparently been separated since March of this year when Bray walked out on her and the kids. This is unconfirmed though.

What’s next?

Obviously, this is a bit awkward. These days anything and everything about a well known wrestler or celebrity is all over social media. The whole world can see when someone famous does something… and more often or not, it’s when they do something bad that makes the headlines than anything else.

This whole deal with Wyatt’s personal life is no different. Will people care? Perhaps. Will it affect his career? I doubt it, it’s only a divorce. I only hope the publicity of him and Jojo possibly having an affair doesn’t hinder there WWE careers.