Is Wrestlemania coming to the UK?

Another rumor?

The UK newspaper, The Independent, has reported that London has been reported to be one of the host cities that is being considered by WWE.

This is huge news! UK fans have wanted a Wrestlemania hosted in the UK since the 1990’s. But it has never been hosted here. WWE hosted WWF Summerslam here many moons ago in 1992 but has never hosted the grand daddy of them all!

Truth to it?

Is there any truth to it? To be honest I’m not sure. A main stream UK news paper has reported it. And they are saying that London is one of the considered cities, alongside New York, Toronto and others.

Whether WWE will choose London is another matter. But it is big leap of hope for us UK fans that Wrestlemania could actually been hosted here!

Big Dave Sig

2 Replies to “Is Wrestlemania coming to the UK?”

  1. Hello, I can’t see it happening, only because of the time difference. They’re going to have to have Wrestlemania at 10am / Midday in America, or have it on at Midnight in the UK lol.

    I’m looking forward to going to America for Mania as well.

    1. Well I think this has always been an issue. The time zone. I don’t think it will happen either but you never know Champ! Just like 3MB member Jindar Mahal is now WWE Champion… You just never know!!

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