WWE RAW Review – 19/06/17

RAW – 19/06/17

This weeks RAW was overall a pretty good show. Highlighted by the shock turning point in the “Who’s been beating down Enzo and Cass?” story line.

The show opened with Reigns coming out and running his mouth about how he’s still going to become Universal Champion, regardless of who’s champ because it’s still his yard… blah, blah, blah.

He gets interrupted by Samoan Joe, who promptly goes from talking to fighting! This leads to GM Angle making a match between the two men later in the night.

Quick Tag Match

There’s a quick tag match between the Hardys and Gallows and Anderson. Not a bad match at all and they showed Shamus and Cesaro looking on backstage. Clearly they haven’t ended the feud between the Hardy’s and the current Tag Champs.

Another Goldust promo

We get another Goldust promo about R-Truth. There clearly building to something to a grudge match between these twoo.

Balor vs Samson

Samson and his guitar were in the ring again… before Balor cutting him sort during his latest sing song. Balor demolished him. Good match though!

Bray’s new target

Rollins comes to ring to promote WWE 2k18 and gets interrupted by Bray Wyatt. He gives one of his cryptic messages before making his way to the ring.

Rollins takes out Bray as soon as he gets to ringside from a flying clothesline from the top turnbuckle, to the outside onto Bray! Rollins walks away with a grin on his face… and Bray just laughs… as he does.

Cruiserweight match

There’s cruiserweight match between TJP and Akira Tozawa. Titus O’Neil comes out to ringside to promote Tozawa. Titus is slowing recruiting wrestlers to his “Titus Brand”.

“The King” Neville also interrupts the match to go onto commentary. He then shouts abuse at Tozawa after he beats TJP. Titus quickly defends his new client and basically tells Neville that Tozawa is going to be beat him at some point for his title.

Joe vs Reigns

As usual, a hard hitting and powerful match from both men. The match was very good but ended when Reigns getting distracted by an ambulance reversing backstage. The doors of the ambulance then burst open and BRAUN STROWMAN is standing there! HE’S BACK!

Joe takes advantage and chokes out Reigns. This leaves Strowman to come to the ring and do more damage to Reigns in the ring. Strowman then announces he wants Reigns in an Ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire! I’m sure Reigns will accept when he wakes up… lol

Dog house

Next we have a Miz TV in which the Miz tries to make things up the his wife Maryse. Everything seems to be going fine until Ambrose appears. The Maryse gets champagne over her, thanks to the Miz. And Miz manages to re-break the clock he’d fixed for her. She again storms off leaving Miz to fight Ambrose.

This time though, the Miz has prepared for Ambrose in advance. The two “Bears” in the ring holding signs, end up being Curtis Axel and Bodallas. Who double team Ambrose and then Miz gives the triple team to take him out completely. Not sure how this one is going to play out but it could be the start of a new stable?

 Another quick tag match

The Tag Champs vs Titus and Apollo. Not a bad match to be fair, Titus and Apollo gave a good fight before the experience of the tag champs finished them off.

Brock Promo

We have a quick Brock promo with Heyman. Then they announce Brock will return next week on RAW.

Diva’s Brawl

There is meant to be a match between Bliss and Banks. But it quickly turns into a Diva’s brawl when Bliss picks on Emma, who’s on the commentary table. Then all the other Diva’s on RAW get involved. It ends with Bayley, Banks, Dana and Mickey James standing tall in the ring.

The big shocker!

The ending of RAW see’s GM Kurt Angle come to the ring and invites Enzo and Cass out. Angle then gets Big Show out, they have words, Show walks off. Angle has the tag team “Revival” come out, they have words, with Angle concluding it wasn’t the Revivial and it wasn’t Big Show.

Just as Angle looks to be done with it as he can’t figure it out. Corey Graves from commentary stands up and thinks he can help. He pulls out some security footage of Big Cass pretending to get hurt from last weeks RAW.

Then it all comes out! Cass admits to taking out Enzo in the first place, leaving Enzo and the WWE universe STUNNED! Cass says he reasons for doing it and how he has had enough of Enzo!

It all ends with Cass big booted Enzo and walking off…

Final Thoughts

Not a bad RAW! I think Cass did the best promo of his career in the WWE. Enzo has always been the “mouth” of the team. But Cass did a great job on this weeks RAW. I am very interested to see where they are taking Cass with this. And how the new feuds/alliances from this weeks show develop. Until next time, peace.

Big Dave Sig