WWE RAW Review – 03/07/017

RAW Review – 03/07/17

This weeks RAW was the final stop before Great Balls of Fire! How did things go on the build up to the PPV? Read more to find out!

The betrayal…

RAW opens with a promo video about Cass’s betrayal and set up from last week with Enzo. And then RAW opens live with Enzo making his way to the ring. They announce Enzo vs Cass as RAW opens.

Enzo’s promo

Enzo’s in-ring promo to open RAW was incredible! And it set up him vs Cass at Great Balls of Fire perfectly! Certified G! Smack-taker, Skywalker!

Backstage Brawl!

After Enzo’s promo we go backstage where Cass is having a quick interview. Before Cass can get going properly Enzo jumps Cass and both brawl for a few seconds before being broken up by staff. Added even more heat to the match at GBOF!

Female Tag Match

Next we had Sasha and Bayley vs Bliss and Nia Jax in a tag match. Good match as per usual from the females of the WWE! Bayley got taken out during the match and it looked like she was injured which left Banks on her own. It ended with Banks making Bliss tap out to the Bank Statement! Shades of things to come this Sunday?! New champ  once again?

Angle isn’t intimidated

Angle and Strowman get into a heated discussion backstage but Angle held his ground! Braun wants blood though! This followed by a John Cena promo!

Love triangle…

Noam Dar and Cedric Alexandra are doing the Love triangle thing again. I’m bored of this already… I don’t know why they dropped it… then picked it up again? Pointless. The match wasn’t that bad mind but the whole love thing was just stupid when there has been no talk of it for weeks…

The Miztourage

Miz TV starts. With Miz and Maryse and his new Miztourage partners Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Ambrose interrupts then Slater and Rhyno come out. It all ends with Angle coming out and making an IC Title match with Miz and Slater!!

Random IC Title match!

It’s not a bad match at all! Especially for a quick match that got randomly put together. Dallas and Axel paid massive parts in the match which in the end cost Slater the match. It all kicked off after the match with The Miztourage beating down on Slater. They stood strong as RAW’s newest stable!

Golden Truth!

After a quick promo video, we come back to Goldust sitting in the ring. He does a promo before showing a video about beating down on R-Truth. After the promo video, R-Truth is standing in the ring behind Goldust! Both have a bit of brawl with Goldust retreating up the ramp.

Iron man match?!

Angle has a backstage segment with Sheamus and Cesaro, where he announces that they will defend their tag titles at GBOF in an Iron man match against the Hardy Boyz! Should be good!

Rollins vs Bray

Rollins comes to the ring, has a quick match against Hawkins again. Followed by a promo about Bray Wyatt. The fued doesn’t seem to be kicking off much… but we shall see what happens at GBOF.

Brock vs Joe via different rooms

They do an interview with Brock and Joe in separate rooms in the building. To keep the two apart. Joe gets pissed though and goes looking for Lesnar. He finds him but staff are all over him making sure he doesn’t kick things off again. Added a bit more heat to the match on Sunday.

Crusierweight match

Mustafa Ali vs Nev. Pretty good match to be fair but it was Nev picking up the ring when he managed to put Ali in a submission hold for the tap out.

Wyatt Promo

They show a weird Wyatt promo with Bray in the desert? Not sure what he was on about but again there trying to set up the feud.

Bliss promo

They then do a quick Bliss promo where she boasts about letting Banks win tonight and that she doesn’t have a chance on Sunday. We shall see.

Balor vs Cesaro

Next up we have Balor vs Cesaro one on one. With the Hardy Boyz coming out on the commentary table. The singles match is pretty good to be fair but it all ends in a brawl when the Hardy Boyz run down to the ring to help Balor and stop Sheamus from cheating! Balor wins in the end though! Good way to build heat for the iron man match on Sunday!

Braun wants to hurt someone!

He comes down to the ring and an Ambulance comes next to the entrance ramp again. Braun starts shouting about how Reigns is going to die in the Ambulance match on Sunday. Then Titus O’Neil interrupts the big man and brings Apollo to the ring to fight Braun.

To be fair, Apollo brings the fight to Strowman for bit.. then gets destroyed by Strowman. He tried his best, bless, before getting pinned… as you’d expect.

Braun goes to continue to beat down on Apollo when the match is done but Titus comes to his aid and gets in Braun’s face. He gets flattened by Braun. Then Braun grabs Apollo and drags him to the Ambulance where he throws him inside.

Braun bangs on the Ambulance to go but it doesn’t move? Strowman goes to the cab at the front and finds Reigns! They begin brawling again like last week but this time it’s Reigns who gets the upper hand after he spears Braun straight off the stage and through some tables!!!

Final thoughts

Not a bad RAW at all. Good build ups to the PPV on Sunday. Looking forward to Great Balls of Fire! We shall see how it all goes down! Until then, Peace!

Big Dave Sig