The weekly update! Slammiversary XV. (The Champ)


Hi guys,

Champ here. Just letting you know, there is NO PODCAST this week. I know the Millions (and Millions) will be disappointed.

On that note, We’re really loving doing the podcasts. I think we cover off the majority of whats hot or not around the promotions. Episode 5 will be in a week.

This week has been busy in Wrestling. So much busy, that we need to discuss with you, the fans.

GFW IMPACT Slammiversary XV

Firstly, I am keeping my eye on what they are doing at GFW, *including their name change. A name change isn’t exactly a bad thing, they just need to make it right, and stick to it.

I carry hope for GFW.

I enjoyed the product few years back with superstars like Styles, Joe, Hernandez, Beer Money, Angle, Sting, Abyss, to name a few. Since its resurgence, which is still a bit murky and rough around the edges, I can see them attempting to develop. They are attempting to pick up little victories, and make moves which develop the company. I cannot have a go about that.

This is it!!! “THE” main event of the year. “THE” main event since the brand change and merge with GFW. The big pay off and most eyes are on the product. I won’t do a play by play. I’ll just tell you what I thought at the moment of the event.

Firstly, they had a kick off show, which confused me.

KM, Kongo Kong & Laurel Van Ness vs. Braxton Sutter, Mahabali Shera & Allie – Six Person Tag Team Match

Our Friend of the site Kongo Kong looks as devastating as ever. I love Lauren Van ness’ character. That’s all I really have to say on that matter.

An owl flies in.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan, Homicide & Diamante vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr vs. Drago & El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Naomichi Marufuji & Taiji Ishimori – Four Way Lucha Rules Match for Unified IMPACT! & GFW Tag Team Championships

This felt big, Three different promotions (AAA/NOAH/GFW) in one ring with their respected Logos. I really liked that. It was a solid way to start. The talent in the ring was great. Different techniques getting their stuff over.

IMPACT! Grand Champion Moose & D’Angelo Williams vs. Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

First thing I noted, Chris Adonis signs out with his hand T.N.A. “Yeah way to go clarifying the brand up.” Not much to discuss with this match up. D’Angelo Williams was good for a football star.

EC3 v James Storm

Both competitors can go, both competitors have good characters, both competitors have good history in TNA/Impact. I liked the stip. I liked the match. Good back and forth. The handcuffs in the corner was a bit botchy. I hope these two are a key figure going into GFW Impact.

Josh Mathews & “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park

This feud seems like it has been going on forever; and it ended without much of a ‘pay off’ or care from the crowd considering it was a major story line on impact. In addition, You could see the ‘Park’ turning into ‘Abyss’ angle for about 2 months. Even though that was good to finally see.

Please remember that Scott Steiner is 53 now and is still wrestling. However he was moving quite slow, and wearing a t shirt just makes it a little less awesome that he’s in the ring.

The pre recorded video package was an attempt to recreate the ‘Total nonstop deletion’ feel, and it just didn’t play off at all. Going from the live wrestling, to a video, then back to live wrestling lost it for me. It didn’t work. I mean, Shark boy in a pool was the final straw for me.

This reminded me of how terrible TNA of recent years was.

Davey & Angelina Love Richards Love vs. Eddie & Alisha Edwards – Mixed Tag Team Full Metal Mayhem Match

Maybe its just me, but I did not have any investment in this match.

Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low-Ki – 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the X-Division Championship

I like Low-Ki somehow, I never used to. However his persona especailly with the suit on is pretty cool. He seems a bad ass. Sonjay however I struggle with. The best ting about Sonjay is the way ‘Grado’ says his name.

The crowd was flat during this match up.

**I also noted how much time they were shaving off the entrances on Spike TV. It was very obvious.

Sienna (GFW Women’s Champion) vs. Rosemary (IMPACT! Knockout’s Champion) – Championship Unification Match

For me, one of the best matches of the night!! I like a Unification match match anyway, and as both women can move. Don’t get me started on how much I like 2 belts on one person.

Lashley (IMPACT! World Champion) vs. Alberto El Patron (GFW Global Champion)  – Championship Unification Match

Firstly, there was about 40,000 people in the ring, including Jeff Jarrett before the bell rang. It seemed like they thought “This needs to feel big, so lets all get in the ring to show importance. It couldn’t have been more opposite. It should have been just the two champions down there, the belts, and the referee. Making the focus on them. Jeff Jarrett holding up both belts btw made me annoyed. This also made me think ‘Jarrett’ just wanted the limelight. Lashley and El Patron are important enough wrestlers, and don’t need Jarrett. He just wanted to feel important and say ‘these are really my toys.’ Douche!

Oh, and Paige was spotted in the crowd with a mask on, however I couldn’t see her on TV.

Solid match, good to see El Patron with two belts, however why everyone was in the ring at the end baffles me. Keep focus on the pay off. The draw was both belts, not executives and whoever.

Hopefully, they will continue to build. Hopefully, they will produce some good creative angles and real story lines. …Hopefully.

The Champ