WWE RAW/Smackdown Live Highlights – July 10th & 11th 2017

Highlights from this weeks RAW and Smackdown!

RAW this week was the aftermath of Great Balls of Fire! And Smackdown Live had a New US Champion in its ranks! Read on to find out what made the highlights this week!

RAW Highlights – 10/07/2017

The big moment that started RAW off was the insane thing Reigns did at Great Balls of Fire with Braun and the Ambulance. We all know what happened… it was mental to be fair. I haven’t seen anything like that before regarding them making it quite realistic and a lot of blood. It was a very good segment in my opinion. But anyway, they showed the video at the start of RAW and then we didn’t see Braun at all this Monday night. But they did say that there will be an “update” on Braun’s condition at some point.

Anyone Feeling Broken?

The Hardy Boyz did a “Broken” promo in the ring this week!! I couldn’t be happier! Finally WWE are bringing the broken gimmick in! This week was just a teaser… but I can’t wait to see this build up over the coming weeks/months! Bring on the Broken Hardy’s!!

The Miztourage

I am liking where the WWE are going with the whole Miztourage thing. I like the fact that they are basically the new heel stable on RAW. And if they play their cards right, I can see them all holding gold over the next year or so. They can become a strong stable with huge potential!

Reigns, Joe, Angle and Lesnar

These 4 being in the same ring was very cool. Angle handle himself well, I am really liking him as GM. As much as I like Foley… Angle is much better at being a GM! His decision to have Reigns and Joe wrestle for the No.1 Contender spot for Brock’s title works well! The tension between Reigns and Joe is good. I’m sure it will end with Reigns being taken out by Strowman mind you… but we shall see! Joe is still a strong contender for Lesnar. After their match at GBOF, I think everyone would like to see Joe vs Lesnar 2!

Rollins vs Wyatt

This was the main event this week and it was a very good one. I’d say it was a better match than the PPV match they had the night before. The feud seems to going somewhere now, not sure what is to come next but it’ll building momentum now.

Angle’s Secret

Obviously a big highlight this week was this whole “secret” thing that Angle is hiding. It was the final segment on RAW and it ended the show with Angle saying he is going to reveal everything next week. So will be interesting to see what this secret leads too.

Smackdown Live Highlights – 12/07/2017

This weeks Smackdown focused heavily on AJ Styles becoming the NEW US Champion at a house show over the weekend. KO lost the title at a house show at the famous Madison Square Garden against AJ. So Styles came out on Smackdown as the new US Champion and kicked off the show with an Open Challenge!

Can you guess who answered the challenge? Well it was none other that Mr. John Cena himself! KO got involved before anything could start though and it ended up becoming a Tag Match with AJ and Cena vs KO and Rusev!

The match ending up being the main event and was pretty good one with Cena and AJ picking up the big win! Both wrestlers held each others hands up after the match and showed how much respect they have for each other.

Perfect 10 gets destroyed…

What I didn’t like about this week’s Smackdown was how they put Jinder Mahal vs Tye Dillinger, only to have Dillinger get squashed by Mahal. I really hope they don’t bury Dillinger before he even gets started on Smackdown. He is a very good wrestler with a big fan base and is majorly over with the fans.

To have him get beat by Mahal just because Mahal is the WWE champ seems wrong to me. They could of used anyone else for Mahal to beat… I just hope they use Dillinger a lot better going forward! Give him a decent story line and someone good to feud with! Put him in the US title picture maybe?

Mahal isn’t being used very well either as Champ. He isn’t a bad wrestler but I don’t know what it is… but he seems to be missing something as Champion. I know he is a heel… but to have do more or less the same spot on the microphone week in week out is boring. Maybe things will improve over time though.

Female Wrestling War!

RAW’s female division is pretty good at the moment but I feel Smackdown’s woman’s division is just that little bit better. The woman work well together and have better matches as of late. Be nice to see Flair vs Naomi for the title at some point! Not really sure I like the “glow belt” though. It’s a bit over the top if you ask me.

Love Hurts?

Zayn getting a glass vase over the head from Mike and Maria backstage, over not giving an apology, was pretty good. I like Zayn’s style backstage, his segments work well and I like where this is going with him and that Mike guy.

Sexy Fashion Rangers

Breezango… funny as! These guys are gold at the moment! And you can tell there riding the wave with these backstage segments and videos! And there really funny to be fair. Reminds me of Goldust and Booker T, back in the day when they would do some awesome comedy segments! Keep it up Fashion Police… or Rangers? Or whatever you are!

Final Thoughts

This weeks shows were pretty good to be fair! Both shows delivered on story lines and entertainment. They also left me wanting more next week! Which you don’t always get from the weekly shows. Overall, very good main shows this week! See y’all next week! Peace!

Big Dave Sig