WWE Smackdown Live Review – 13/06/17

Smackdown Live Review – 13/06/17

This weeks Smackdown was full of life! The New Day are here! Orton and Mahal, face to face and more! On the Smackdown Live before MITB PPV.

To Kick things off

“IT’S A NEW DAY… YES IT IS!” To kick off Smackdown we have a 8 Man Tag Team match with the Uso’s and The Colons  taking on The New Day and The Fashion Police!

Before the match kicks off, New Day start off a promo then get interrupted by the Uso’s, then the fashion police and the the colons. It all ends with “THE NEW DAY ROCKS!” as per usual. Then the match kicks off!

The match is pretty good! Some big bumps, mixed up moves and more! As a big tag match usually goes. New Day and The Fashion Police pick up the win after a double team on Primo from Kofi and Woods!

It’ll all come to a head at Sunday’s MITB when the New Day take on the Uso’s for the Smackdown Tag Team titles!

John Cena…

Big promo for Cena! Not sure why they put on there that he’s “FREE AGENT” John Cena though?

Trio of funny

We go backstage after the Cena promo with AJ, Nakamura and Zayn. Zayn does his thing where he goes off on one and just talks for everyone. With Nakamura saying “I like him” and AJ saying “Of course you do…”. Pretty funny to be fair.


Mojo segment backstage. We see Mojo having promo backstage and starts getting pumped. When his “Bro” appears and announces he’s back! So welcome back Zac Ryder.

Feel the Glow!

Back to the ring, Woman’s Champion Naomi heads to the ring. Naomi vs Tamiya Snuka. Not a bad match at all to be fair. Both woman have a some very good wrestling moments with Tamiya clearly being the power house. Lana was also at ringside watching the match. Naomi picks up the win after hitting Tamiya with a split legged moonsault off the top rope and gets the pin.

Then something amazing happens! Lana gets in the ring and hits a HUGE spine buster on Naomi! I was pretty shocked! None of us have seen what Lana can do then out of no where. BAM!. Sit down spine buster! This MITB title match just went up a notch!

Mahal face to face with the Viper

Mahal comes out and run’s his mouth as he does. Starts saying how awesome he is and all that jazz. Then Orton’s music hits and Mahal’s two slave boy’s go to the ramp to stop the viper. Then RKO OUT OF NO WHERE in the middle of the ring!! Orton comes through the crowd and catches Mahal completely off guard with an RKO. Then returns to the crowd to celebrate!

If I was to put an early prediction in for MITB… Orton to win.

3 man promo

We go backstage with KO, Corbin and Ziggler. KO leads the segment talking about how they need to work together to beat AJ, Zayn and Nakamura in the 6 man tag match main event. KO’s speech seems to work judging by Ziggler and Corbin’s faces at the end of the promo.

Charlotte vs Natalya

Very good match. Woman’s matches these days, as we all know are awesome for the most part. And this match is no different. I must say, I think Charlotte and Natalya work well together. They have a very good match with Charlotte picking up the win after hitting the Natural Selection on Natalya for the pin! Loved this match!

Fashion Police

Next we have a fashion police promo, as usual very funny. Again a bit strange but I think that’s why it’s funny and why it works. The whole voices in the head thinking aloud thing is really good!

Lana Promo

There’s a quick Lana promo backstage segment where she says that she’s going to “crush” Naomi to become WWE Smackdown Woman’s Champion at MITB. Only time will tell I suppose.

6 Man Tag Main Event

As WWE do in nearly EVERY episode before a PPV… They do big tag matches featuring the WWE wrestlers in the main events of the upcoming PPV. You know it and I do… they do it just get heat on the wrestlers before the PPV.

This match is very good. 6 top guys all performing at their best, fighting the best Smackdown has to offer! Some amazing back and forth moments, mixed with some amazing wrestling. Surprising ending when Zayn pins Corbin after the Hallulah Kick!

The victory is short lived though when Ziggler and Owens attack AJ and Zayn with a Lader straight after the match ends! They quickly get turned on by Corbin takes them both out and then makes KO eat some steal! Then Ziggler eats some steal before Corbin sets the ladder up and goes up the ladder towards the briefcase.

Nakamura comes back in the ring and takes out Corbin with a push off the ladder and a huge kick! Smackdown comes to an end with the symbolic image of Nakamura holding the MITB briefcase!

Final Thoughts

Overall a strong Smackdown. Lots of action and big matches. And is the ending a sign of things to come? We shall see this Sunday at MITB!! Peace out!

Big Dave Sig