WWE Battleground Results!

WWE Battleground Results – Sunday 23/07/17

Battleground was a fairly strong PPV to be fair. It had a couple of very good matches and then a not so good but the big shocker at the end of the night made the PPV an historic one!

Results Rundown/Grades

Tag Team Title Match – The Uso’s vs The New Day – Winner: The New Day

The two teams had a very good match up! Lots of back and forth moments and some big moves and big hits! In the end though it was New Day who picked up the win and became the NEW Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions! This marks the 4th time the New Day have become tag champs and are now the first team ever to hold both the RAW and Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships.

Nakamura vs Baron Corbin – Winner: Nakamura via DQ

This match was a fairly decent match up. Nakamura always delivers good wrestling and Corbin gave a very good fight. But the match ended on a bit of a flat note when Corbin gets a DQ after kicking Nakamura in his family jewels!

Woman’s Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match – Winner: Natalya

As usual the woman’s division match provides a PPV quality match with plenty of awesome wrestling and big moves! It came down to Natalya and Charlotte in the closing moments, with Natalya picking up the some what surprising win!

United States Title Match – Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles – Winner: KO

A brilliant match as usual from these two top wrestling superstars. AJ went into the match being pitched as the winner but after the ref being KO’d (No pun intended) and a cheeky roll up pin, KO picked up the win! KO is back as the “Face of America!”

Flag Match – Cena vs Rusev

To be fair, pretty good match up! I thought it wasn’t going to be the best match up as we’ve seen Cena vs Rusev many times in the past. But it ended up being a half decent match with Cena obviously picking up the win! And he won by putting Rusev through 2 tables with the AA! Big match Cena strikes again!

Fashion Files!

The Fashion Files had another video for the PPV. This time though it ended with Tango and Breeze being laid out by someone? And Tango being dragged away. So who knows what’s coming next…!

Sami Zayn vsMike Kanellis – Winner: Zayn

Not a bad match but it did seem like a filler match. Although the match itself was pretty good! It was a quite a quick match though with Sami picking up the win! Not sure if this feud is going to continue? We’ll soon see on Smackdown!

WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal – Punjabi Prison match!

I didn’t expect much from this match as the previous Punjabi Prison matches we’ve seen have been all but tragic. But the match ending up being very entertaining and eventful! The two fought for a good while inside the main prison then Mahal’s monkeys came out from under the ring to cause a lot of problems for Orton. One the Singh brothers ending up going through an announcer tables though so that helped! And the other ate a chair at one point!

And then just as you though it was over and Orton was on his way to win… The Great Khali’s music hits and the Indian Giant makes his way to the ring!! We haven’t seen Khali in years and now he’s back?! Well this ended up being very bad for Orton who ends up being choked out at the hands (or hand) of Khali. Leaving Mahal to pick the up the win!

Final Thoughts

So Khali is back and he’s on team Mahal but is he back for good? The PPV as a whole was pretty good and I enjoyed it for the most part. Next up Summerslam!

Big Dave Sig